Looking for better products go for Micromax A80 Superfone

Press Release   •   Oct 12, 2012 13:15 IST

Micromax is one of the leading telecom companies that have 23 domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hong Kong. Therefore being an international brand, Micromax has come up with its Micromax A80 Superfone, weighing 126.6g. The dimensions of this phone are 106MM X 58MM X 12.3MM. The battery backup lasts for up to 8 hours. A display of 2.0 inches and is provided with 2.0 mega pixel camera with digital zooms.

Apart from all these, Micromax A80 Superfone features FM radio with RDS and are also integrated with MP3 player and loud speaker with a 3.5 mm audio jack. The model is available in different colors such as black, cherry, and white and is provided with a QWERTY key pad. Micromax A80 Superfone is available in the store near you and the pricing of this phone is rupees 7, 799. This phone is a reasonable and a user friendly phone that will serve all your basic purposes.

However, you can also avail benefits of online shopping in India while buying this, as various online websites such as, offers gadgets, cameras and many more electronic items. These sites are world’s most trusted sites, and they are even going to offer you a reasonable discount. What you need to do is, just need to place your order, do the needful and your product will be delivered at your door step. Online shopping is less complicated and more beneficial, as there are several offers in which you can avail discount or complimentary items that will definitely make you smile.

Adding on, you can always make your Micromax mobile phone look different from other people. For instance, you can buy covers of different colors and designs. There are various designs available, such as some have cartoon prints, animal prints or are available in different bright colors. So you can make use of these accessories, and make your phone stand out.

Gadgets by Micromax, are extremely durable, so you need not worry if the display of your phone gets broken or there comes out to be some technical problem. The service centers are available worldwide, so you can take your phone anytime and anywhere and avail the maximum benefits of these service centers.

However if you compare this model with other phones, then it is any day better, because it provides you the same features what Samsung or Nokia does, but at a very reasonable price (this is the reason you are finding such low Micromax A80 Superfone price ). Apart from the price, maintenance of this gadget is cheaper to those phones as well, because if once broken, then maybe you will need to pay a heavy price for them. So in all, this gadget is worth buying.

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