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Loving Tips to Help Keep Relationships Strong and Happy

Press release   •   Dec 08, 2012 22:58 IST

Houston, TX (USA), December 08, 2012 -- Author Lisa Cassman knows something about marriage, specifically when one is good and when one is not. She hopes to share tips with other couples on how to have a strong and loving marriage through her new book The Road Less Traveled, a Guide to a Positive Marriage, available through Halo Publishing International.

Written while traveling the road with her husband, Steve, a driver for Schneider National, Inc., Cassman says the book is a “common-sense guide on marriage that offers practical ideas for any married couple, whether you have been married for a long time, recently tied the knot or planning to in the near future.” “It is important to keep dating,” she said. “That’s what we do; think of ourselves as being on a date.”

The Road Less Traveled, a Guide to a Positive Marriage is Cassman’s first book. “I wrote while in the truck, writing by hand all the positive things I liked about what Steve does for me,” the author explained. “I had time in the truck, so I thought about our marriage and how I would like others to be as happy as we are. We have a very positive marriage and find the good in each other. We seem to talk and not yell and work together on issues we may have.”

“Steve thinks about me before himself and if this can help someone’s marriage that would be awesome,” Cassman said. She said her first marriage was not a happy one. When it ended, she reconnected with Steve, who she had met at a Christian camp during her teen years. She said they kept in touch for a while after returning home from the camp, but both moved on with their lives. Reuniting has been truly a blessing, Cassman said, and the couple recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary. “He listens to me. We talk about ideas and our future and we genuinely care about each other.”

Halo Publisher ( http://www.halopublishing.com ) Lisa Umina said couples can benefit from reading Cassman’s tips. “Offering simple solutions to everyday romantic ruts, the author spells out what couples need to do to keep the fire in their relationship alive and the flame burning brighter than before,” Umina said.

Cassman said she once dreamed of a having a healthy, happy marriage, traveling and writing a book. These dreams have become her reality.

Both natives of Minnesota, Lisa is from Menahga and Steve is from Mora. The couple has four sons and four grandchildren.

To reach author Lisa Cassman, e-mail her at lac7mn@gmail.com or call (218) 252-0233. To order The Road Less Traveled, a Guide to a Positive Marriage, visit http://www.halopublishing.com.

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