Low Cost Treatments Driving Malaysian Medical Tourism Market

Press Release   •   Jun 11, 2013 14:46 IST

Malaysia has emerged as a leading medical tourism destination worldwide. Expensive medical treatment in developed countries has made the country an ideal healthcare destination across the globe. Moreover, advantageous cost-effective treatment in Malaysia coupled with the unique combination of treatment and vacation is attracting foreigners to visit the country for treatment of various medical requirements. Besides, top level healthcare facilities and highly skilled doctors are providing the requisite boost to the Malaysian medical tourism industry. Considering the above factors, the Malaysia medical tourism industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 13% during the forecast period 2013-2017.

As per our research, Malaysia medical tourism industry is growing tremendously over the past few years, owing to world class healthcare infrastructure, state of art facilities, low cost treatment and growing promotional activities. In addition to that, Malaysian medical tourism industry is strongly supported by the Malaysian Government with numerous promotional activities, attractive offers in the form of incentive and favorable guidelines. Besides, expertise doctors, increasing number of corporate hospitals, high success rate of complex surgeries, almost zero waiting-time, and above all, the unique combination of treatment and vacation are taking the industry to new heights.

The report “Booming Medical Tourism in Malaysia”, includes study of medical tourist arrivals and tourism receipts in the country. Besides that, the report exhibits the emerging trends in country which are boosting the medical tourism industry in the country. Additionally, the report also includes analysis of major market segments of medical industry in Malaysia coupled with the study of existing medical infrastructure in the country. Other than that, to provide a comprehensive knowledge, the research also includes the cost analysis and government initiatives which are propelling medical tourism industry in the country. Further, through the section of key players, we have tried to provide the insight of current market scenario and existing competition to our customers. Additionally, we have also covered the key developments of these players in the country. In all, the report presents a comprehensive look at the sector’s past, present, and future scenario.

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