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LPG Gas Sensor: A Necessity that Every Household Must Have

Press Release   •   Oct 27, 2010 16:00 IST

Until and unless you live in an area where LPG is used at homes, you don’t need to read this piece of writing. And if households in your area are dependent upon LPG use, you must learn about LPG gas sensor from the following discussion.

Accidents caused by LPG leakage are severe and can cause a big loss of life and property. Gas sensing equipments are the critical accessories that people prefer to have these accidents. Apart from homes, these equipments are used in the industrial and commercial settings as well. Automotive industry too requires gas sensors. If you have a long list of customers who would be interested in buying LPG gas sensing devices, you must offer them the right variety of these equipments.

First of all, you must learn about he dimensions and sizes in which these equipments are manufactured. Diameter and height are two main specifications of these equipments that you must take into account. A good idea is to have a quick survey in your area to learn about the dimensions in which these equipments are required.

An essential and obvious requirement of LPG gas sensor is that it should be highly sensitive towards to the smelling agent present in the LPG cylinders. This is because the sensor with high sensitivity will be able to detect the leakage of gas from the cylinder. At the same time, you must offer lpg gas sensors that are less or not at all sensitive to alcohol, smoke or other smelling substances. This is to ensure that the sensor doesn’t raise alarm when it detects a smell other than that of LPG.

Another important specification of a LPG gas sensor is the detection range. This range is specified by the parts per million (ppm) of the gas. For example, 100-10,000 ppm is the most common range for which these devices are designed to sense the gas. Yet another consideration that your customers will take into account is the response time of the LPG gas sensor. As obvious, a sensor with lower response time will be able to detect the leakage of LPG faster. You must offer sensors with low response time to your customers.

Operating specifications must also be considered before you offer different LPG sensors to your customers. For example, circuit voltage, heating voltage, load resistance, heat resistance and other similar specifications are important to be taken into account. Finally, it is the brand of the LPG gas sensor that matters a lot. Your customers will prefer to purchase the devices made by reliable and reputed manufacturers in the market. This ensures that the sensor is of good quality and will have a long life. Your customer will not compromise on lower quality and thus, you must offer good quality sensing equipments to them.

You can search for LPG gas sensor suppliers at the online business directories. Compare the product specifications and prices offered by different suppliers and choose the products that you find best for your customers, consisting of homeowners as well as industrial buyers.

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