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Mackmark presents designer Scroll Wedding Invitations

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2010 14:35 IST offers you the most ostentatious as well as enchanting collection of Traditional roll-open Farman & Designer Scroll Wedding Invitations which are intricately designed to open your account in the invitee’s hearts. Scroll Wedding Invitations or the Farman were the Traditional Wedding Invitations of Emperors / Maharajas during ancient times which symbolize the Royal Wedding Invitation. Take your guests on a journey into the past by inviting them with these aesthetically crafted and Unique Scroll Wedding Invitations which are reminiscent of ancient Indian Marriages.

A stunning range of elegant, contemporary and modern collection of Scroll Wedding Invitations, Exclusive Scroll Wedding Invitations, Royal / Farman Scroll Wedding Invitations, Indian Wedding Scrolls is offered in such elegant materials as handmade paper, Vellum paper, Velvet, Cloth, Tissue, etc. Each of the Scroll Wedding Invitations is 100% customizable as per your requirement and it can be used for any religion or caste.

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We at Mackmark Cards have carved out a niche for ourselves as one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Indian Wedding Invitations with coordinated wedding stationery. Popularly known by the trademark 'Mackmark' cards, Card Centre was founded in Mumbai in 1989 by the chairman, Mr. M.P. Dattani, the basic concept being to market Wedding Invitations and stationeries locally.