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Manufacturing and the Cloud – Is it a Perfect Match

Press release   •   Sep 03, 2015 13:17 IST

In an increasingly competitive environment, the benefits of cloud computing are no secret: lower costs, frequent updates and reliable technical support offered on a monthly subscription basis. Most industries are jumping on the Cloud; while concerns over data security and uptime still exist, the advantages of cloud computing outweigh the setbacks of updating or replacing on-premises enterprise solutions. But when we single out the manufacturing industry, how does a cloud solution really fit into operations?

Cloud Manufacturing

Manufacturers face incredible competition from the global market, and cloud solutions offer a means of differentiation. A cloud ERP solution can stand as the backbone of a manufacturing organization, providing companies with a way to share the efficiencies inherent in an up-to-date ERP system across all functional areas.

While manufacturers have faced stringent economic pressures over the last few years, they are not afraid to move towards what is sure to be a cost saving resolution in the end. According to research nearly a quarter of all manufacturing firms are already implementing a cloud solution, while another 20% are currently evaluating a cloud deployment.

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