James Michel

Mardix Critical Power Service - The Name To Trust For Switchgear Maintenance

Press Release   •   Jul 20, 2013 11:20 IST

Hertfordshire, July 13th 2013: Mardix Critical Power Service the(is a) big name amongst switchgear makers is offering(and they offer) high quality products at the most competitive prices. They do not end after the sale process is over. In factfor high quality Switchgear Maintenance this is the name to trust for quality services. They offer packages to suit personal requirements. Against all odds, they can be trusted to deliver the best. Their fully isolated servicing plays a crucial role in making sure that the switch gear is in perfect health. Moreover, customers who have brought from them can always expect preferential rates on kits on spares if at any stage a spare part is playing the truant. In the service switch gear section,a team highly skilled engineersare always there to respond to any emergencieswhich may have arisen. They will plan with the customer regarding any forthcoming project which may be on the cards. Besides, for smaller issues, they are available to provide 24 hour technical support over the phone. The corporate services on offer are detailed. It includes thermographic surveysto fully managed shutdowns. They also provide emergency response to power management systems support. However, it is to be noted that non contracted outstation emergency calls is subjected to availability. Once a user has brought products, they will look into switchgear installation issues. During the life span, there are bound to be operation problems. Therefore, to settle minor issues, they will also provide a basic switchgear training course. They have been providing high quality service and have been supporting in excess of 1,50,000final circuits in data centers worldwide. They provide that(a very) crucial support and unparalleled service worldwide.If at any stage there is a need of support one can always contact them over the phone. For effective assistance one will have to provide them with the equipment service tag number, the site’s contract reference and a brief discussion of the problem in hand. About the Company: Mardix Critical Power Services is a division of Mardix LTD.They are a UK based global service provider of switchgear, power distribution and power management systems. They have been working in this field for quite some time and have gathered huge experience in the process. Under the leadership of Stuart Garnham business development manager and Mark Tuner the sales manager they have achieved a lot. Over the years they have grown due to the fact that they are offering quality services at affordable prices. Therefore, for someone keen to contact can do so. The address and other details are given below.