James Michel

Mardix Offers Comprehensive Thermal Survey

Press Release   •   Aug 26, 2013 10:15 IST

United Kingdom, 12th August, 2013- One of the most common NDT (non-destructive) methods applied the world over is thermographic survey or thermographic survey. With advancement in technology, it is growing better and more and more users are realizing the potential of thermal survey or thermal imaging. A wide variety of test objects can be subjected to qualitative and quantitative analysis for temparature variations through the thermal and infrared sensors used in thermography. To determine absorption and emission of thermal energy by the surface of a subject using thermographic NDT a variety of thermal laws and properties have to be considered. For example, indicated temperatures can show errors without emissivity adjustment. In comparison to other NDT modalities in a complex environment, thermography has several advantages. It is very flexible, non-invasive and non-contact. And it can be applied to variety of materials. It also prevents downtime and loss of operational time since it can inspect objects/equipment in service. It helps avoid critical and non-critical failures as it can accurately determine causes of malfunctioning prior to breakdown. Mardix has been using this unrivalled method of non-invasive predictive service for electrical, mechanical and engineering applications. Thermal survey of image is ideal for fault detection, load testing and temperature trending. When used onsite or during factory build-up process it helps avoid failures, downtime and business disruption. For over a decade Mardix have incorporated thermal imaging into its predictive maintenance and currently process a staggering 150,000 images per year. The specialist engineers of the company are trained by its in-house experts having extensive subject specific experience. All Mardix switchboards feature Mardix Thermagrid™ (secure thermal imaging ports) for live thermal imaging so that its specialist servicing engineers can safely obtain the temperature for that particular device or section. Mardix engineers conduct a detailed thermographic survey of all power connections and functional devices.  They also report for attenuation, emissivity, transmission loss, IR reflection, ambient temperature and load.   The company has specialist thermography analysts who inspect all results and certify the same. For Mardix iControl™ customers the report and individual readings / trending are accessible within the Document Centre / Thermatrend™ module. According to Mardix, thermal conductivity (diffusivity) is critical to understand various thermal patterns. There are materials like copper and aluminum that have high thermal conductivity rates allowing rapid transmission of heat. The specialist thermography analysts at Mardix have good knowledge about diffusive properties in such materials and they apply it to understand the thermal patterns in them. About the company: Mardix Critical Power Services Ltd is part of the UK based Mardix Group  which is a global multi-discipline company and UK’s leading provider of specialist switchgear and critical power servicing solutions.

Mardix has been using this unrivalled method of non-invasive predictive service for electrical, mechanical and engineering applications.