Market Report on China Boiler Industry 2010-2019

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Dec., 22, 2015, Mumbai, India: Market Reports on China presents the report, on “Market Report on China Boiler Industry 2010-2019”. Since the beginning of the 21st century, gas-fired boiler has undergone a fast development due to the improved construction of gas pipe network as well as the fastened process of mining and marketing gas.

In China, coal is the major fuel source of industry and peoples daily life. Coal-burning industrial boiler more often than not uses raw coal not selected by washing whose high level of ash and sulfur as well as low granularity result in combustion inefficiency and high pollutant emission which accounts for 45%-65% of urban air pollution. Therefore, using gas instead of coal constitutes a fast and effective solution to air pollution.

In the early 1980s, in order to improve peoples living standards, many local governments fastened the popularization of gas in cities and built many commercial gas projects, which greatly boosted the urban gasification rate and development of gas-fired boiler. However, since the beginning of the 1990s, gas-fired boiler has been stagnant in technical innovation and market promotion as gas is priced high and the construction of gas pipe network is relatively backward. Industrial boiler, in particular, mainly uses coal rather than gas.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, gas-fired boiler has undergone a fast development due to the improved construction of gas pipe network as well as the fastened process of mining and marketing gas. Recent years, in particular, have witnessed gas-fired boiler capturing the market occupied by coal-burning boiler originally as a result of increasingly severe environmental pollution, gradual limitation of coal-burning boiler and government-funded coal-to-gas shift.

Without government subsidy, it is not economical to turn single coal-burning boiler into gas-fired one. However, turning several coal-burning boilers into one gas-fired boiler to provide electricity and heat is feasible.

As denitration project of heat-engine plant in key areas was completed at the end of 2014, industry will become the next focus of utility-based energy efficiency. The Chinese government has released many policies like the Twelfth Five-Year Plan Key Programs on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution of Key Refions, the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industry, the Draft of Emission Standard of Air Pollutants for Boiler to control the emission of industrial pollutants. Many local governments have also acted actively to do the same thing with a series of projects like becoming hot both in policy and market.

As commercial gas-fired boiler is mainly oriented towards upscale hotels, large government agencies, hospitals, large commercial retailers, general office buildings, brownstone districts as well as industrial customers and common residences in recent times, the potential market is quite large.

Gas-fired boiler enjoys huge potential for development in cities near the West-East gas pipeline and gas pipeline from foreign countries as well as harbor cities able to import liquefied gas and their radiant districts.

As an environmentally friendly product, gas-fired boiler enjoys the support from the Chinese government and therefore good market prospects. And gas-fired boiler is expected to replace coal-burning one to a great extent and become the mainstream product in boiler market in China.

Readers can get at least the following information through this report:
-supply and demand of industrial boiler in China
-Chinese governments policies related with boiler industry
-reason why gas-fired boiler replaced coal-burning boiler
-competition in boiler industry in China
-major boiler manufacturers in China
-expectation to boiler industry in China

The author suggests the following groups of people purchase this report:
-enterprises engaged in industrial boiler manufacturing and trade
-users of industrial boiler
-investors/research institutions interested in industrial boiler industry

Table of Contents

1 Overview of Boiler in China
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.2 Coal-burning Boiler
1.3 Gas-fired Boiler
1.3.1 Introduction to Gas-fired Boiler
1.3.2 Advantages of Gas-fired Boiler

2 Chinese Governments Environmental Policies Related with Boiler Industry
2.1 Policies for Coal-burning Boiler Transformation
2.1.1 Policies Released by the State Council of China
2.1.2 Policies Released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China
2.2 Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection as a Criterion for Government Assessment

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