Market Report on China Valve Industry 2010-2019

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Dec., 19, 2015, Mumbai, India: Market Reports on China presents the report, on “Market Report on China Valve Industry 2010-2019”. As competition in global valve market grows increasingly fierce, many famous valve manufacturers have moved their plants from North America, Europe and Japan to China, India, Korea and Central Europe.

The competition among valve manufacturers is fierce and no one has yet monopolized the global market. Valve manufacturers in western European countries like Germany, Britain and France occupy a market share of 40%. In Asia and Pacific region, valve manufacturing and export concentrate in India, China and Japan, among which India is responsible for high-end product while China and Japan for low-end product. This brings second-mover advantage to newcomers who are free from entry barrier and bad restrictions.

As competition in global valve market grows increasingly fierce, many famous valve manufacturers have moved their plants from North America, Europe and Japan to China, India, Korea and Central Europe.

Since the reform and opening-up, China has witnessed a rapid development of valve industry and become the largest valve producer in the world. Currently, about 50% of valve parts as well as most valves in the world come from China given original equipment manufacturer. And China has also become the largest valve exporter in the world too.

Chinas valve output in 2014 was 10.319 million tons, increasing 28.9% year on year. In recent years, valve production has kept increasing not only in central air-conditioning industry but also in such rising industries as energy & power and steel industry.

Currently, China is the country with the largest number of valve manufacturers, i.e. over 3000. And Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Ningbo and Jinhua in particular, is Chinas largest manufacturing base and sales center of valve. But most enterprises there are small family workshops, among which less than 500 bring in an annual sales value of CNY 5 million and only a dozen have a revenue exceeding CNY 100 million. And the market share of those in the Top 10 only totaled 8%-9%. DunAn Holding Group and Sanhua Co., Ltd that are located at Zhuji and Xinchang respectively, the leading enterprises in Zhejiang and even China, have kept leading the development of valve industry in China.

What is notable is that with capacity concentration, large companies have expanded and become famous through competition while middle and small-sized enterprises without competitiveness may face the risk of being merged or going bankrupt.

Valve products supporting central air-conditioning are four-way reversing valve, globe valve, electronic expansion valve and electromagnetic valve, among which globe valve with simple structure and mature technology differs little among different brands. As profit is shared among multiple brands, the gross profit rate becomes the biggest concern of enterprises. Currently, household air-conditioning system consisting of electronic expansion valve and inverter compressor works well by combining the flow-regulating characteristic of electronic expansion valve with the frequency conversion characteristic of inverter compressor.

In 2014, the domestic market of air-conditioner globe valve and four-way reversing valve is in depression, both reporting a year-on-year decrease under limited demand. While electronic expansion valve performed well and reported a year-on-year increase under the condition of air-conditioning machine upgrading. Among the valve products supporting commercial central air-conditioning, DANFOSS, Parker, Emerson and Sanhua dominate the market, among which foreign brands take up a share of over 50%.

On the whole, concentration of valve industry is low. Low-end producers basically can meet the domestic demand while high-end producers have taken part in international competition. Foreign enterprises with technical advantages remain the major competitor in high-end market for they entered the field early and have accumulated rich experience.

In 2014, the market size of central air-conditioning surpassed CNY 70 billion in China. Apart from the basic nine categories of central air-conditioning product, special central air-conditioning is accelerating its development. The Chinese government has increased its investment in nuclear power and set a target of increasing installed capacity from 4000 GW to 75 GW by 2020. Suppose a nuclear power project with a capacity of 100 GW needed cooling equipment of CNY 150-200 million, nuclear powers demand for cooling equipment will total CNY 11.2 billion in the next decade. Meanwhile, fixed asset investment led by the Chinese government grows year by year, the launching of such projects as west-east gas transmission, west-east electricity transmission, south water to north will need large amounts of valve products. Besides, as industrial age is around the corner, such big users as petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgic department, chemical industry and city construction will also increase their demand for valve.Driven by many forces, valve manufacturing in China enjoys good prospects. And structural upgrading will be its trend of development. When there are many competitors in the market, cost advantage will gradually disappear, which forces companies to improve product quality so as to take an active part in market competition.

Although valve industry in China faces such disadvantages as rising labor cost and lack of technical talents, its great potential has created opportunities for foreign enterprises to enter the market.

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-expectation to valve industry in China

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