Market Research Report on China Driving Recorder Industry [2015-2019]

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Jan., 09, 2016, Mumbai, India: Market Reports on China presents the report, on “Market Research Report on China Driving Recorder Industry [2015-2019]”.

As to the function, besides driving recording, more and more products integrate Wi-Fi, rearview reverse parking camera, voice recognition, and navigation. Regarding the shape, smart rearview mirror leads the trend.

Chinese driving recorder market continues to heat up amid growing concerns over traffic accident disputes, such as Pengci, a word referring to fake accidents for extorting money. Driving recorder sales volume is estimated at around 13 million sets in China in 2015, representing a year-on-year surge of 85.71%. Notwithstanding, compared with huge car ownership, the installation rate of driving recorder in China is less than 5%, far below that in Japan, Taiwan, and Russia, indicating enormous potential for market growth.

In 2015, driving recorders are no longer confined to the function of preventing Pengci, but experience significant changes in function and shape. As to the function, besides driving recording, more and more products integrate Wi-Fi, rearview reverse parking camera, voice recognition, and navigation. Regarding the shape, smart rearview mirror leads the trend. Most companies have already developed or are developing such products, and add operating system, 3G module, ADAS, navigation, voice action, and gesture recognition, with the products developing towards intelligent driver assistant system. The integration of navigation has some impact on on-board navigation market.

Companies are rushing into driving recorder field and use it as a medium to make layout in telematics. In addition to makers of on-board terminals including driving recorder and navigator, Internet firms, map companies, and automakers also want to get a piece of the pie. Internet and map companies aim to capture user resources, and carmakers wish to make their way into the driving recorder OEM market.

Internet companies that make aggressive actions include Qihoo 360 Technology, Tencent, Alibaba, and Xiaomi.

In May 2015, Qihoo 360 Technology launched 360 driving recorder, which has built-in Ambarella A7 image processor and 2-inch 1296P 160 wide-angle TFT display, and is sold at RMB299. 200,000 sets of the product were sold on Nov 11, 2015.
In Oct 2015, Tencent and DDPai jointly launched QQ IoT driving recorder. After DDPai and QQ IoT are connected, DDPai driving recorder can be added to My Device on QQ, and access and operations to the driving recorder can be gained.
In Oct 2015, JADO launched smart rearview mirror Vision carrying Alibabas YunOS operating system.
On Nov 24, 2015, Xiaoyi Technology under Xiaomi launched a driving recorder. The product has a 2.7-inch 165 wide-angle 16:9HD LED display, uses Ambarella A7LA70 chip (supposedly), supports a max. resolution of 1296P (2304 1296), and can record 60fps 1080P videos. In addition, it also carries ADAS, analyzing the data on lane, vehicle speed, and vehicle distance, and giving the alarm. The crowd-funding price is RMB289.

China Driving Recorder Industry Report, 2015-2019 by highlights the followings:
Development of global driving recorder;
Driving recorder shipments, market size, development characteristics, competitive landscape, and development trends in China;
Development of driving recorder market segments in China;
Chinese driving recorder chip market pattern;
Development of driving recorder chip suppliers in China, including profile, operation, main driving recorder solutions and features of products;
Development of driving recorder producers in China, covering profile, operation, features of products, and development strategy.

Table of Contents

1 Definition and Classification of Driving Recorder

1.1 Definition

1.2 Development

1.3 Classification

1.4 Structure

2 Development of Driving Recorder

2.1 Global Driving Recorder Market Size

2.1.1 Global

2.1.2 Japan

2.1.3 Taiwan

2.1.4 Russia

2.2 Chinese Driving Recorder Market Size

2.2.1 Sales Volume

2.2.2 Market Size

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