McEvoy and Farmers Complete Guide to IVD Distribution in Mexico

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2010 19:50 IST

IVD companies are increasingly looking to Mexico, a growing market with a popuation of 111 million people, for additional market opportunities. Among northern hemisphere countries, Mexico's population and oil revenues have earned it a place on the list of most promising emerging IVD markets. Companies seeking to operate in this nation will want a roadmap of who distributes which IVD products and to whom.

The Mexican economy followed the United States into recession, and while the IVD market has maintained modest growth, there has been a shift from private testing to the free or low-cost alternative of public testing. The public sector has been able to continue funding the majority of the market, but there may be problems next year due to the fall in the price of oil and an impending budget deficit. But then again, Mexico should follow the United States out of recession, so we remain cautiously optimistic about the IVD sector.

McEvoy and Farmer's Complete Guide to IVD Distribution in Mexico, produced jointly with emerging IVD market experts McEvoy & Farmer, is the product of on-the-ground primary research of Mexican labs conducted in 2009. It is a top resource for anyone marketing an IVD product in Mexico today.

Key information included in this report:

  • (Chemistry, Hematology/Flow/Coagulation, Immunochemistry, Molecular Testing, Other)
  • Country Industry Overview
  • Country Healthcare Statistics
  • Insurance, Reimbursement Trends
  • Tariffs and Taxes
  • Profiles of International Diagnostic Companies with operations in Mexico
  • Profiles of Domestic Diagnostic Companies
  • Profiles of Local Distributors

The Mexican market represents a significant opportunity for IVD companies. But actionable information about this emerging market is often difficult to obtain. Only with an exhaustive, on-the-ground research team can a company truly understand the Mexican market. Now, a resource is available that can make on-the-ground research available to all companies at a fraction of the cost.

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