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Metropolitan Electricity Authority-Host organization for LED Expo Thailand & PCB Expo Thailand 2018

Press release   •   Mar 26, 2018 15:14 IST

Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)has signed up with IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., and MEX Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. to be the Host Organisation to present LED Expo Thailand 2018, the ASEAN’s largest exhibition on LED products and technology, provide opportunities for LED lighting and product companies to penetrate the lucrative LED market in Thailand and ASEAN. Many new highlight activities come up with the edition’s theme, “Future of LED”. This 6th edition, will be held in conjunction with the 3rd edition of PCB Expo Thailand 2018, ASEAN's largest and only exhibition on printed circuit board manufacturing and electronics assemblies, is all geared up to present the comprehensive edition, with a host of new and practical show activities. The show will take place at Challenger 1, IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand, from 10 to 12 May 2018.

Smart Metro: the future of lighting technology

Mr. Ruj Herabat, Deputy Governor (business) of Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) mentioned “The development policy call Thailand 4.0, which the government intends to achieve economic prosperity, social well-being, human values and environmental protection. MEA, the state enterprise improving the quality of electric power distribution system gears up to support the Thailand 4.0 policy by launching organisation campaign call “the MetGE: METRO GRID ENABLER. It improves the electric power system stability and distribution system in the future by innovative technologies. Also, ready to support Bangkok to be the Smart Metro which drive Thailand to become the robust metropolis in Asia. Therefore, MEA has announced to be the host of LED Expo Thailand 2018 and PCB Expo Thailand 2018 this year.”

LED Expo Thailand presents the sustainable electric power

Mr. Gaurav Juneja, Director, MEX Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd., said that the LED Expo Thailand has successfully entered its 6th consecutive year. “The 2018 edition of the Expo has been themed around ‘Future of LED’ for Smart Living, and aims to present the latest and the most advanced innovations of LED that seamlessly connect with the people’s lifestyle in the digital era. The transient developments can be seen in the forthcoming edition as there will be many new additions to the Show highlights which include:

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Solar Zonethespecific zone highlights high performance solar products, services and technology for housing, commercial and industrial sectors to induce huge saving on electricity, besides encouraging the usage of renewable energy.

• Lighting & Energy Saving Consultation Centrethe area which facilitate a free discussion between trade visitors and professional consultants for current and upcoming lighting and energy saving projects.

• LoT – LED of Thingsshowcases the best of the best lighting product displays that are popular in the market and can be utilised in different industry sectors.Presenting system integration and applications, this section demonstrates how technology can play its part in the present and future of lighting.

  • Architectural Design Village will showcase amazing works of famous architects and designers to increase the efficiency of building as well as the presentation of creative lighting concept, imparting education to visitors in term of energy saving and lighting design.
  • • International LED Summit : iLight Connect recognises the current and emerging lighting control protocols and incredible design possibilities while reinforcing the increasing need for the players in the design, engineering and building professions to be connected in term of inter - disciplinary communication.

    Enhance the efficiency of PCB with Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

    “ASEAN's largest and only exhibition on printed circuit board manufacturing and electronics assemblies, is all geared up to present the comprehensive edition, with a host of new and practical show activities. One of the focus areas this year is surface mount technology (SMT). As technology becomes more complex and compact with time, the fabrication process that substitutes the through-hole mounting of PCB components with direct placement on the PCB surface. The components are mounted on the surface of the printed circuit boards and many are minute in size. It creates more effective than using traditional components with wire leads. Additionally, we are proud to present the PCB Technical Conference and Workshop which is supported by Thai Embedded Systems Association (TESA) and Innovative Experiment Co., Ltd (INEX)” Mr. Loy Joon How added.

    Business Matching Program

    Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) is cooperating with Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association to organise the exclusive business-matching activities which provide insights on the joint investment opportunities in the Thai electronics market. In addition, Buyer program is provided to qualify buyers for meeting with leading LED and lighting company on a pre-scheduled, one-on-one basis.

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