MGNREGA Abhiyan- A Successful Employment Program India

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2013 11:10 IST

 MGNREGA Abhiyan is very prosperous employment program running in India. PACS India supports and aware all Indian about successful employment. PACS(Poorest Areas Civil Society) is directed to elevate the engagement of socially backward classes in the MGNREGP Abhiyan. MGNREGA stands for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. This act is started by Indian Government to assure mandatory employment possibilities across the nation to all the people living in India and is targeted to improve the livelihood security of people in rural areas.

Goal of MGNREGA Abhiyan:-
The main goal of MGNREGP Abhiyan is to make every effort by assuring 100 days of salary employment every fiscal year to all rural household whose individuals demand work under the program. This program is an essential livelihood alternative for people who are lacking enough money to live comfortably in a society. MGNREGS makes sure fairness in treating people and the promptly salary of equitable wages. As we all know India is a developing nation, where big population is still living in rural areas and strike for their improvement, the authorities need to assign funds and programs. Therefore, MGNREGA Employment Guarantee is a program especially planned for making sure the work for all in the village and backward parts of India.
Objectives of MGNREGS

PACS is working hard round the clock to raise the scope and hard-hitting of MGNREGA with the help of capacity-building of civil society organizations for proper devising and examination of work under the program. The Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) Program is making unwavering efforts to expect results in an increase in:

1.Ingress of socially backward classes under the program, instead of registering the rest of the people

2.Legal instrument of work cards to people who are classified in the socially backward classes

3.Calculation of total number of days they have worked, on average, by people of socially backward classes.

4.The promptly reward of nominating wages to people belong to interpersonal backward classes of appointing job site amenities with a specific concentration on women and individuals having disabilities

6.Engagement of CBO's in MGNREGA programs for all-encompassing execution of the program

7.Fruitful possession and properties, and examination of ownership by socially backward classes

8.Climate ability of socially backward classes as an outcome of MGNREGA work demand

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PACS(Poorest Areas Civil Society) is directed to elevate the engagement of socially backward classes in the MGNREGP Abhiyan.

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