Middle East and Africa Pharma Sector to Grow at 9.5% CAGR

Press release   •   Dec 26, 2011 13:15 IST

The pharma sector in Middle East and Africa has been witnessing rapid growth on the back of positive developments and presence of supportive regulations. The market growth is largely fuelled by the large and consistently increasing population, high prevalence of diseases, and increasing expenditure on healthcare and pharma. Thus, Middle East and African market offers enormous potential for pharma growth, says our new research report “Middle East and Africa Pharma Sector Forecast to 2012”.

Our research identified that, MEA pharma market is growing rapidly and specific growth can also be attributed equally to the domestic segment. The regional market is largely evolving and several positive developments can be expected in the future in the back of definitive regulatory changes in these countries. The market will become a major attraction for consolidation activities by several key foreign players and thereby, the domestic market is expected to reach soaring heights. The Middle East and Africa Pharma Sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 9.5% during 2011-2013.

At the geographic level, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Egypt are primarily responsible for majority of the industry activities and are expected to grow further in the future. As the MEA regions are largely dependent on imports, this is yet another factor fuelling foreign developments.

Our report, “Middle East and Africa Pharma Sector Forecast to 2012”, provides extensive information on the market size of the pharma market and regional breakups by country. It provides an exhaustive analysis of the various geographies leading the pharma market. It covers the key market trends existing in the industry along with the factors currently driving the market to a positive outcome. The study also provides a thorough statistical and analytical review of the healthcare demographics, key drivers, and restraints. Also provided are prudent forecasts for the sector. The forecast is based on the correlation between past market growth and growth in base drivers. Overall the report provides an exhaustive analysis of the MEA pharma market and leads our clients to highly informed decisions in the sector.

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