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Middle East LNG Market Opportunities, Trends and Drivers to 2020

Press Release   •   Nov 07, 2011 14:52 IST

“Middle East LNG Market Opportunities, Trends and Drivers to 2020” from LNGReports is a comprehensive report on current and future Middle East LNG business environment. It identifies all possible opportunities of contracting and investing in Middle East markets. The report provides all major trends and drivers driving the industry growth to 2020. It forecasts country wise LNG capacity, LNG exports and natural gas production to 2020. In addition to monthly trade volumes from January to December 2010, it also provides annual LNG trade data from 2000 to 2020 by country.
 Monthly LNG price data is provided for Oman, Qatar, the UAE and Yemen for 2010. The report also analyzes the trade patterns and the typical contracting terms followed in sale purchase agreements with supporting data. Key LNG strategies of 6 leading players in Middle East are detailed. Further, the report also provides capacity addition details through new terminals and expansions. Current status of all the planned terminals in Middle East is detailed along with all the latest developments in Middle East LNG industry. market research reports
 • Key growth, expansion, investment, contracting, exporting and pricing trends in Middle East over the next decade are identified
 • All major investment and contracting areas in Middle East are identified and the pros and cons of these investments are also detailed
 • Monthly LNG export quantities by exporting country to importing country, January 2010 to December 2010
 • Monthly LNG export prices by exporting country to importer, January 2010 to December 2010
 • Amount of spare capacity available in each of the four Middle East LNG markets is provided through out for 2010 to 2020
 • Long and medium term sale purchase agreements, contract patterns, terms, all contract details including duration, volume, importing company, shipping type
 • Country and regional LNG capacity forecast- 2000 to 2020 for countries- Oman, Qatar, the UAE and Yemen.
 • Country wise actual LNG exports forecast, 2000- 2020 along with, key drivers and trends of growth in all LNG markets- Oman, Qatar, the UAE and Yemen
 • Mid term and long term LNG strategies opted by each company and their country wise LNG operations are provided for six companies including- Qatar Petroleum, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Total SA, Yemen Gas Company and Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation
 • Middle East LNG capacity additions through new terminal constructions and existing terminal expansions are provided.
 • For all existing and planned terminals, details including location, operator, ownership, capacity, start up, capex and technology are provided
 • Current status (construction/FID/contracts/other) of all planned liquefaction and regasification terminals in Middle East is provided
 • All latest developments in each of the Middle East LNG markets over the past two years are analyzed and their impact on Middle Eastern LNG companies is detailed
 Reasons To Purchase
 The report enables you to
 • Understand the key drivers of Middle East LNG market growth along with all major trends
 • Identify the opportunities of investing in the region and contracting with the LNG exporters
 • Get complete understanding of current and future market of gas & LNG in the post recession economic conditions
 • Frame your contracts through details of existing contracts and information on of available LNG capacity
 • Formulate best pricing strategies using the monthly price information of all Middle Eastern LNG exporters
 • Compare your strategies with the leading LNG companies’ mid term and long term strategies
 • Frame best liquefaction technologies through technology information of existing and planned terminals
 • Estimate Middle Eastern LNG supply stability through forecasts of capacity, exports and gas production to 2020
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