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Mobile application downloads forecast: 2009–14 Market Research Report

Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2010 19:03 IST

Application downloads to mobile devices have been the subject of a great deal of hype since Apple launched its App Store in 2008. Many of its competitors in the devices market are following hot on its heels, and not a month goes by without an application store launch. A growing number of independent players are also competing hard for business. There have been some impressive announcements from Apple – most recently that 2 billion applications had been downloaded to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Ovum’s forecast looks at how the market will grow going forward, and how much revenue this will generate.

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Table Of Contents :

Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Forecast highlights
Global mobile application downloads grow to 18.7 billion by 2014
Short-term growth is rapid, but growth will slow in the longer term
Global paid-for applications to grow to 3.3 billion and end-user revenues to $5.7 billion
Regional outlook
North America remains the largest market throughout the forecast period
Revenue growth will accelerate in Asia-Pacific; slower in North America
Forecast definitions and methodology
What do we forecast?
What’s in? What’s out?
Forecast process and key assumption-building
Data collection
Building a most likely scenario
Key inputs: smartphone device shipments
Market development scenario
Key players: platforms and application stores
Windows Mobile and BlackBerry
Consumer demand
Technology developments/substitutes
Business models
Regional developments

List of Tables
Table 1: Selected application store data

List of Figures

Figure 1: Annual global application downloads
Figure 2: Annual total paid-for download volumes
Figure 3: Annual total application downloads by region
Figure 4: Regional revenues from mobile application downloads ($ 000s)
Figure 5: Forecast methodology for mobile application downloads

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