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Mobile Commerce and Handsets: Identifying Opportunities and Market Potential

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2011 14:07 IST

Various companies are increasingly exploiting electronic channels to reach their customers and create new business opportunities. To this end, many electronic shopping channels have been developed. These channels offer either products from a single firm or encompass multiple individual electronic stores, comprising representing an electronic shopping mall. Electronic shopping has attracted the attention of extensive R&D, which has developed various market perspectives, including user attitude, critical success factors, security, technical aspects, and more.
 Two main concerns for m-commerce are personalization and enhancement of user experience. Personalization addresses the ability to offer content tailored to the preferences of each user or user group. Preferences may be explicitly declared by the user, or derived by the system through inspecting user interaction. industry analysis reports
 This research analyzes the current mobile handsets market trends and the development in 4G handsets relative to the implications for mobile commerce. The report also evaluates LTE applications and their effect on mobile handsets. The report provides analysis of the market for mobile handsets 2011 to 2016/2017.
 • Handset manufacturers
 • LTE equipment providers
 • Mobile software developers
 • Smart phone manufacturers
 • Mobile application stores providers
 • Mobile commerce application developers
 • LTE application developers and service integrators
 • Merchants and brands seeking to develop the mobile channel
 Table of Contents:
 Executive Summary 6
 The Future of M-commerce 8
 The VR-Mall Concept 8
 VR-mall Personalization Engine 10
 VR-world Generator 11
 3D in Mobile Phones 12
 3D Mobile Commerce Applications 14
 Challenges of the 3D M-Commerce 15
 Solutions to Overcome Challenges 17
 List of Phones that Uses 3D technology18
 Future of 3D Commerce 19
 E-government Concept with M-commerce Applications 19
 The Future of the Mobile Handsets and its effect on M-commerce 21
 Mobile Platforms 24
 HTML 524
 Current Platforms 25
 Mobile Handsets 26
 2G Handsets and Mobile Commerce 31
 3G Handsets 34
 VOIP over LTE 35
 Mobile IP 36
 The Migration from IPV4 to IPv6 38
 4G Handsets 42
 3GPP LTE and 4G handsets 45
 Differences between 3G and 4G Systems 46
 Mobile TV in LTE 47
 Mobile TV Ecosystem 48
 The Operator's Role 50
 Handset Manufacturer's Role 51
 Software Vendor's Role 55
 Charging in Mobile TV 55
 Spectrum 57
 Conclusion 58
 4G Handset Market 2012-2017 59
 Future of the 3D Applications in Mobile Devices 63
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