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Mobile Operators Prefer the ‘Niche’ Business Model for Launching MVNOs in Emerging Asia

Press Release   •   May 12, 2016 18:03 IST

  • With liberalization of mobile markets in countries like China has allowed the MVNO market to grow Emerging Asia.
  • The various factors that further boost MVNO market in Emerging Asia includes burgeoning smart phone needs, penetration of 3G/4G networks even in rural areas and favorable economic environment.

Ken Research has announced its latest publication on, MVNOs in Emerging Asia: Choosing the Right Business Model and Partners are Key to Success’, which provides overview of the MVNO market in Emerging Asia. Additionally, the publication examines various MVNO business models adopted in Emerging Asia based on their marketing approach. Furthermore, provides an in-depth look at the changing landscape of trends in MVNO adoption and investment. The research also analyzes the MVNO market and the role of other market participants such as MNOs and regulators in this expanding opportunity.

The MVNO market has been showing continuous progress over the past decade in the emerging countries; while it has reached its saturation in the developed markets. The growth is further propelled by liberalization of the mobile markets in countries like China, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. In fact, China features amongst the fastest growing MVNO market globally. This is because the regulatory framework of countries in Emerging Asia has been revised and made more conducive for both local and international MVNO businesses to grow and prosper.

In addition, in the Emerging Asian region the number of mobile subscribers has also increased manifolds over the past decade. More and more people are shifting from fixed-line data connections to mobile data connections. Thus, the competition within the mobile call/data industry has become fierce and all companies need to continuously innovate so that they can achieve the better sales and market penetration. Continual improvement of service quality is also important to ensure that the customers remain loyal to the business.

In this regard, the rolling out a mobile virtual network is a good option as it offers the consumer a unique value proposition, better prices and better service quality. This will ensure that the MNO is able to make better profits. However, mobile virtual network operators face many challenges in terms of which business model to choose, costs of rolling out a network and creating enough customer excitement.

Research has revealed that the best strategy to overcome these challenges in the emerging Asian countries would be the ‘niche’ business model. In fact, 29% of all MVNO’s present in the region have adopted this model, dedicatedly catering to just one market segment such as the youth, the students, immigrants or healthcare enthusiasts. This coupled with the efforts made by regulators to create an MVNO specific framework will result in reduced traffic and boost competition. Overall, the MVNO market in emerging Asia is projected to grow rapidly due to lowering of entry barriers of national and international players.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • -Key concepts of MVNOs
  • -Primary business models in the MVNO market
  • -Global and regional market context
  • -MVNO market statistics in Asia
  • -Regulations and policies in the MVNO market
  • -Case studies of businesses in MVNO market in Emerging Asia
  • -Key findings and recommendations
  • -Growth opportunities and challenges in the industry

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