Moisture Meter and Gauss Meter An Useful Measuring Instruments

Press Release   •   Jul 10, 2012 18:15 IST

Measurement is an important aspect of industrial and commercial processes. Apart from the devices used to measure weight, speed, electrical current and voltage, there are devices designed to measure quantities like moisture content and magnetic fields. Though not in use among common people, these devices play significant roles in a variety of industrial sectors.

Moisture meter, also known as humidity meter, is a device used to measure the moisture content in the materials like wood, paper and concrete. Another popular device among industries and a variety of service providers is gauss meter, also known magnetometer. It is used to measure various aspects of magnetic fields, including direction and strength. Learn about these two devices from the following sections.

Moisture Meter:

Materials like wood prove unfit for various applications if they contain excess percentage of moisture than required. Wood needs to be dried before putting in use for various woodworking processes. To measure the moisture content, moisture meter is used by the hobbyists as well as professional carpenters. Even the floor contractors and building inspectors require these devices to ensure that the wood used for floors and other parts of building is aptly dried.

Concrete humidity meters are also is use to measure the moisture content in concrete slabs before they are used in construction. The advanced versions of these devices perform the additional functions of measuring humidity and temperature levels of various materials and objects.

One popular type of these devices is pin-style moisture meter which has pins that are penetrated to a particular depth of the material to be inspected. Painted walls of houses and other buildings are inspected using these devices to evaluate the residing moisture content. Pinless moisture meters don’t have pin and are simply touched to the surface of the material to measure the moisture content. Moisture build-up in bathroom areas can be measured with these devices. Finally, there are all-in-one humidity meters that function as pin-style as well as pinless moisture measurers.

Gauss Meter:

Named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, a gauss meter measures magnetic fields in the units like gauss and tesla. The more common names used for these devices are magnetometers and magnometers. These devices are popularly used to detect ferrous metals in a wide range of applications. Archeological excavations are among the best examples of such applications. Shipwrecks buried under oceans too are located using magnetometers.

Gauss meters are also used in the exploration of coal, oil and a variety of minerals like copper, tin, platinum and iron. Spacecrafts sent on the missions to measure the magnetic fields of different celestial bodies have them as among the most useful tools. Defense forces use them for the purposes like detecting submarines. Modern day smart phones too have magnetometers to support a variety of applications.

Scalar and vector gauss meter are the two most popular types of these devices. Other examples include Hall Effect magnetometer, over Hauser effect magnetometer, fluxgate magnetometer and so on.

Both humidity meter and magnetometer are of interest to the industrialists and service providers to improve their tasks. Huge catalogues of these measuring devices can be found available on the internet.

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