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Most Common Types of Fire Fighting Systems

Press Release   •   Oct 31, 2012 13:35 IST

Fire is one of the most common hazards in schools and residential buildings. It causes great havoc to life and property. There are different types of fire fighting systems which can be installed in homes and other residential buildings to extinguish fire. There are detection and protection systems which can be installed effectively to reduce hazards at homes and buildings. The prevention systems protect life and property before the danger occurs and thereby facilitate easy evacuation of people from the building.

Suppression systems can also be installed in homes as it prevents the flames from spreading and destroying life and property. But it is quiet important to know the different types of suppression systems used to extinguish the flames. Different types of materials are used to treat different types of blaze.

Important Fire Fighting Systems

Some of the most important systems used to extinguish the flames are elaborated below. It is important to choose wisely so as to avoid further dangers and accidents.

Foam suppressions: These systems can be used to extinguish the flames caused due to the burning of wood, paper and other solids. It can also be used to extinguish the blaze caused due to oil and petrol. However, it can seldom be used to smother the flames caused due to short circuit.

Water suppression: One of the most widely and commonly used suppressions include the water suppression system. It can be installed in homes and buildings to extinguish smoke and flames. It is available in the form of sprinklers and sprays. It is usually installed on the roofs of the buildings and homes. Nevertheless it should never be installed near to electrical appliances.

Inergen suppression: Also known as clean agent, it is widely used to extinguish electrical flames. It is therefore installed in IT firms and offices.

Gas suppressions: This suppression system contains carbon dioxide. It can be sprayed directly on to the flames to smother it. It is considered to be the best extinguisher as it can be used on flames caused by electrical appliances.

Other Domestic Suppression Systems

Fire alarm system is one of the most important systems which are installed in most of the homes and buildings to detect flames and smoke. These systems are quiet effective in detecting any type of changes in the environment which include increase in the temperature, presence of smoke, flames, heat and so forth. It is also activated with the presence of carbon monoxide. Some of these alarm systems are connected to the sprinklers or sprays which function automatically when the alarm rings.

There are both manual and automatic alarm systems which can be installed in homes and offices. Today different types of suppression systems are installed in residential buildings to prevent the loss of life and property due to fire. Various types of extinguishers such as sprinklers using mist, fog, water and so forth are made available at various price rates even in the online stores. There are various fire extinguisher manufacturers listed in the online stores too.

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