Most Essential Components Required In A First Aid Box

Press release   •   Sep 09, 2013 17:12 IST

There could be several components which can be included in a first aid box but it is essential to have some of the most significant items in this box to meet emergency situations. First aid is the most significant treatment which is given to individuals during an accident or emergency situation. It holds vital importance in saving the lives of people. To provide proper aid during emergencies, it is important to have a perfect kit.

These kits can be bought from online and offline stores at various price rates. It is also possible to make a kit at home by including all the essential medicines and other important components. However, there are some simple steps which can be followed to make a perfect kit.

Important Items Required In A Safety Kit:

Medicines: The most essential component in a first aid kit is certified and approved medicines for fever, cold, pain, nausea and diarrhea. However, apart from generic medicines, it is important to stock medicines according to the health condition of the family. Specific medicines for asthma, hypertension and other health issues must be included in the kit. It is important to check the expiry dates of these medicines regularly so that the old medicines can be discarded and new ones can be bought on time.

Safety Box: Another important factor to consider is the type of safety kit which is used to store the medicines and supplies. The box must be made of plastic or metal as it is water proof. It should possess ample space to include all the medicinal supplies.

Supplies: Every first aid box should include scissors, thermometer, bandages, cotton, gauze, medical tape and so forth. It is also important to include antiseptic ointments to treat burn victims. Different sizes of bandages should be included in the kit to cover different types of wounds and cuts. Open wounds lead to infections and therefore it is important to cover the wounds so that it heals quickly. Alcohol wipes are also essential in a kit as it can be used to clean the wounds and prevent infection.

Instant cold packs should also be included in these kits as it helps to relieve injuries and sprains. It can also be used to reduce high fever. Antibiotics or antibiotic ointments are also essential in these kits as it helps to prevent external and internal injuries. Cotton balls and pads are other components which are considered essential in every safety box.

Rubber gloves and face masks are other essential items that should be included in a safety kit. Although it is wise to have a large box with all the essential medicinal supplies, it is important to keep a small kit in the car. The box should also contain emergency contact numbers of doctors and ambulance service. It is also important to note down the list of allergies so that it is easy to advocate medications during emergency situations.

Safety kits can be bought from online stores as there are various reputed dealers who showcase a variety of kits with different components at different price rates.

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