Most Popular Varieties of Mens Jeans

Press Release   •   Feb 05, 2013 17:03 IST

Jeans have become an icon of fashion since the early 1970’s. Today it is worn by people of all ages and gender. Apart from being considered as casual clothing, jeans are worn with designer clothes and sportswear. These are available in a huge variety of styles, designs and fits to suit different body types. Some of the different varieties include skinny, athletic, relaxed and straight leg.

Trends and Varieties:

Mens jeans are available in a huge plethora of varieties which include different finishes and washes. In the earlier days of its invention in the year 1873, jeans were made available in two different types of fabrics- blue denim and plain white. But today it is easy to find a huge variety of colors and washes in many of the online and offline stores. There is dark raw denim and light colored jeans in different styles made especially for men. Acid treated jeans were in vogue for many years and then gradually it faded into oblivion. However, even today jeans are worn in different styles and finishes and people still carry it with elan.

Cuts: Mens jeans are also available in a huge variety of cuts. Skinny jeans were quite popular in the early 1980’s. It is quite ideal for men with a thin build. Today however, it is less used with the evolution of various fashion trends.

Straight Cut: Another popular and comfortable variety of jeans include the straight cut jeans which allow room for better leg movement. It is designed to fall straight from the thighs to the ankles in a line. Straight cut jeans are also available in a huge variety of colors and finishes. Dark colored pants and faded rustic varieties are some of the most popular types of jeans worn today.

Boot Cut: Another variety of jeans include the boot cut jeans which includes a slim fitting with a slight flare near the boots.

Slim Fit: This type of jeans is ideal for all body types as it is comfortable. It is larger than the skinny jeans and provides ample leg room.

Mens jeans can also be classified according to the rises. There are low, medium and high rise jeans for men. Low rise jeans are quite popular among the modern young generation. It is however not comfortable for people with a slight tummy. It leaves little space between the waist and the crotch. Medium rise jeans are quite comfortable and suit men of all ages and body types. It sits comfortably on the stomach. High rise jeans are ideal for men with a heavier built as it covers the stomach and is quite comfortable.

Popular Colors: Jeans are available in a huge variety of colors and washes. The acid wash jeans were in and out of fashion for many years. Stone wash jeans are also very popular among the modern generation. The vintage wash jeans are another popular type of jeans which exudes a faded appearance with its worn out look. Huge arrays of choices are available in many of the online and offline stores now at affordable price rates.

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