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Most Promising Applications for Wireless Power Charging and Transmission

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2010 17:25 IST

Wireless Power

Wireless Power Technological advances in wireless power charging and transmission have shown great promise for enabling plug-free and, in many cases, contactless charging for a wide variety of devices and machinery. From simple inductive charging mechanisms that require a direct point of contact between charger (transmitter) and device (receiver), wireless power systems have evolved to the point of promising the ability to transmit dozens of watts over dozens of kilometers. Applications for wireless power technology range from mobile phones to electric vehicles to unmanned aircraft and, in theory, sending large amounts of power to remote locations. ( )

The industry taking shape around wireless power includes major manufacturers like General Motors and GE, as well as startups such as WiTricity, Pure Energy Solutions, and Powermat. At the moment there are no clear leaders in terms of technologies or companies, no industry-wide specifications or standards for interoperability, and little agreement about the size of the market opportunity and the most promising areas for investment. Nevertheless, the adoption of wireless power charging and transmission devices, particularly for mobile devices, consumer electronics, and electric vehicles, will climb steadily over the next five years and then accelerate rapidly as prices fall and wireless power systems are integrated into many everyday products.

This report analyzes the global market opportunity for wireless power charging and transmission systems. The study examines the applications in which wireless power shows the most promise; examines the remaining technological hurdles to effective, efficient wireless power charging and transmission; outlines the market challenges to be overcome; spotlights the main players in the industry; and provides market forecasts for revenue, by application and by region, during the period from 2010 to 2020.

Key questions addressed:

* Who will be the major players in the wireless power sector in the coming decade?
* What are the major technological, business and regulatory hurdles to widespread adoption of wireless power systems?
* What are the most promising applications for wireless power charging and transmission?
* How big, in terms of units and revenues, will the wireless power systems market be over the next decade?
* In which regions of the world will the adoption of wireless power systems grow most rapidly?

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