Multi-Cloud Management: Whitepaper for Doublehorn

Press Release   •   Oct 17, 2016 14:08 IST

Multi-cloud management is an open cloud platform delivered “as-a-service” to provide flexibility to the enterprises and enable the management of multiple cloud services such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The key factors driving the multi-cloud management market are increased agility & automation, avoidance of vendor lock-in, and achieving the right level of governance. DoubleHorn’s BetterClouds multi-cloud management platform provides all these capabilities, thereby allowing the enterprises to choose its platform for business purposes. With the increase in the adoption rate of multi-cloud management platform among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), mid-market enterprises, and large enterprises, the multi-cloud management market is expected to gain huge traction in future.

BetterClouds multi-cloud management platform offers features such as Plan, Compare, Buy, Report, Manage & Control Service, Govern & Control Cost has enabled the enterprises to design, compare, implement, monitor, and manage various cloud services from multiple cloud providers”, said Tab Schadt, CEO of DoubleHorn. “BetterClouds also provides seamless integration, data security, and real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities”, continued Schadt.

DoubleHorn is one of the prominent vendors operating in the CSB and multi-cloud management space. The company offers multi-cloud management platform and cloud brokerage services to enterprises, along with the government and education sectors. DoubleHorn’s cloud solutions include Cloud IT, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Security & Compliance Solutions, Digital Evidence Management Systems, and Cloud Communications & Collaboration. The company focuses on delivering better prices, better coverage, better performance, better service, and better clouds to the enterprises. Now, the organizations are expected to build their business models around cloud services and seek the best cloud management platform depending on their business, technology requirements, and goals. BetterClouds multi-cloud management platform makes the task easier for the organizations as it provides features, such as reporting, real-time monitoring, best pricing, optimized cost, and cloud migration services.


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