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Nandita Singgha’s Hollywood Marathi Film J DEY will Focus On Crime Journalist’s Bonding With His Family!

Press Release   •   Aug 28, 2015 23:46 IST

Hollywood Filmmaker Nandita Singgha believes that family of Crime Journalist lives a very distinguished life. Crime journalist never know if they would be back home safely once they leave. Their job is to expose the culprits of the crime world with their crime stories. These incidents might get them killed. Nandita is making her Marathi Hollywood film J Dey which will portray the family support of crime journalist to them by being a pillar of strength.

Crime is an international problem today and every country suffers because of criminal activities. It’s the dare hearted journalist who expose these criminal activities so that the society and system becomes aware of it and takes action. Crime Journalist are the real hero’s of the society. Nandita Singgha’s idea is to bring the life of an Journalist in front of the audience.

J Dey is based on Maharashtra Crime Journalisn which will be filmed in Hollywood style but with the essence of Marathi Culture. This film is a tribute to the Journalism of Maharashtra and the trailer will be launched on 26 January 2016 on India’s Republic Day.