Nanofibers Market Witnessing Robust Growth

Press Release   •   Jun 12, 2013 15:36 IST

Global nanofibers market has been witnessing strong growth and is also expected to post a considerable growth in the next decade due to its unique properties such as large specific surface area, small pore size, high porosity, and a smaller diameter size over the conventional fibers. Nanofibers find its majority of applications in the mechanical and chemical industry which accounts for more than half of the total market share. North America represents the largest regional market for nonofibers. The market has also been witnessing increasing popularity of carbon nanofibers. However, the high toxicity of nanofibers could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

According to our latest research report, “Nanotechnology Market Outlook 2017”, electronic companies are finding new ways of incorporating nanotechnology into consumer products like music systems and mobile phones in order to improve their processing capabilities. Similarly, the technology could help improve cosmetics by changing their physical properties. We also observed that the use of nanotechnology in defense technologies provides enhanced performance at lower cost. In addition, market trends like nanotechnology based thin film solar cells with high efficiency, nanomaterials with higher strength, robust growth in nanofibers and nanomedicine market etc are booming growth in this industry. Considering the above factors, the global nanotechnology market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 19% during 2013-2017.

Though nanomaterials would continue to dominate the nanotechnology market in the coming years, nano devices, comprising nanolithographic tools for manufacturing the next generation semi-conductors, are estimated to grow at a much faster rate than nanomaterials in near future. The crucial country-level analysis, included in the comprehensive research, identified that the US is the world's most prominent nanotechnology market and will continue to enjoy the biggest pie of the global industry in the years to come, despite developing economies like China, Korea, India, and Brazil investing huge sums in the nanotechnology R&D. Our report elaborates the application areas and regulatory environment relating to nanotechnology in these countries, along with the patent analysis.

With a view to providing a balanced outlook of the global nanotechnology market to clients, our report also includes the profiles of key industry players, like Altair, Nanophase Tech and Nanosys, among others. Overall, the objective of the study is to help clients understand the prospects of the industry, and make sound investment decisions in view of those.

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