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Needle-Free Delivery: Technology And Market 2013-2023

Press Release   •   Jun 03, 2013 17:20 IST

June 03 2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report "Needle-Free Delivery: Technology And Market 2013-2023" which gives independent analysis from our primary and secondary research. You receive business intelligence found only in our study, seeing where prospects are lucrative and growth is likely.

Needle-free delivery - discover technological and commercial prospects

What does the future hold for the needle-free delivery market? Visiongain's report gives you forecasted revenues to 2023. It explains trends, opportunities and prospects for the overall needle-free injection technology market. There is urgent need for needle-free delivery methods, driven by needle/syringe safety concerns and their lack of suitability for mass immunisation programmes. Our study lets you assess sales data for the global needle-free delivery market, its submarkets and leading national markets. You also find that industry's most promising and lucrative segments, helping your research and analyses.

Forecasts and other analyses to help you stay ahead in knowledge

In our work you find revenue forecasting to 2023, historical data, growth rates and market shares. You see qualitative analysis (SWOT analysis), business news, outlooks and developmental trends. You gain 94 tables and figures and 2 interviews with experts in the field.

Is finding commercial details a challenge? With our report you can get ahead in knowledge, benefiting your research, analyses and decisions. Discover areas that will prosper, reducing the risk of your being left behind.

You discover industry dynamics and growth potentials - the following sections show what you find in our new report.

Discover prospects for the world market and submarkets

Along with revenue prediction for the overall world market, you see forecasts to 2023 for these submarkets:
• Jet Injectors market
• Competing needle-free technology market

The competing needle-free technology market is further segmented into:
• Novel needle technology (includes microneedles and pen needles)
• Inhaler technology
• Patch technology.

With our investigation you gain business information with individual sales predictions and discussions. You find analysis of competition, as well as commercial drivers and restraints. See what's likely to achieve the most success.

You can gain competitive advantages by understanding the trends, opportunities and challenges facing the needle-free delivery market.

Our work also breaks the main world forecast into leading geographical markets.

What prospects for leading regions and countries?

Developments worldwide will influence the market from 2013, especially the expansion of healthcare in emerging countries. There are many opportunities for companies developing needle-free technologies. See prospects for the industry.

You get individual forecasts to 2023 for nine national markets, finding overall revenues:
• US
• Japan
• Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain
• India and China.

Discover progress and outlooks. You assess the industry's future - hear about developments and find their significance. Our work explains, exploring many issues.

What issues will affect the needle-free delivery market?

Our report discusses issues and events affecting that industry and market from 2013, looking ahead:
• Growing demand for minimally invasive delivery methods
• Mass immunisation programmes
• Booming global vaccine market
• Opportunities in the needle-free delivery market.

Also, you find coverage of these aspects:
• Regulation of needle-free delivery devices
• Needle-free devices in development
• Challenges faced by jet injectors and microneedle technology.

See what the future holds. You investigate technological, commercial, economic and political matters, with emphasis on the competitive landscape and business outlooks.

Leading companies and 2017 market value

What will happen next? We predict the overall world market for needle-free delivery devices will reach $2.4bn in 2017, and expand further to 2023.

Our study shows you what technologies, products and organisations hold greatest potential. We explore these leading companies:
• Antares Pharma
• Zogenix
• Bioject Medical Technologies
• 3M.

From 2013 to 2023, many opportunities will arise. Our work shows you the technological and commercial possibilities, helping you stay ahead.

Seven ways Needle-Free Delivery: Technology and Market 2013-2023 helps
To sum up, our investigation gives you the following knowledge:
• Revenues to 2023 for the overall world market and 5 submarkets - you discover that industry's prospects
• Forecasting to 2023 for the US, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, India and China - you see leading national sales potentials
• Assessments of 4 leading companies - you find activities, products, capabilities and outlooks
• Opinions on the sector - you read our industry interviews with experts
• Understanding of competition and opportunities - you see what affects that industry, learning what shapes its future
• Analysis of what stimulates and restrains the industry and market - you assess challenges and strengths
• Prospects for established firms and those seeking to enter the sector - you explore needs, practices and outlooks for success.

Benefit from our analyses, gaining information found nowhere else
That work gives independent analysis from our primary and secondary research. You receive business intelligence found only in our study, seeing where prospects are lucrative and growth is likely.

With our report you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See how our work could benefit your research, analyses and decisions, saving you time and getting you recognition for commercial insight.

Discover technological and commercial prospects from 2013 by ordering now

Visiongain's study is for everyone needing analysis of the industry and market for needle-free delivery technology. You find data, trends and predictions. Please ask for our report now.

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