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New Book Rejects Christian Socialism of Barack Obama

Press Release   •   Jul 26, 2012 07:03 IST

Austin, TX (USA), July 25, 2012 -- Now available at Amazon.com, the new ebook “Not My Brothers’ Keeper” tackles the political rhetoric Barack Obama uses to justify the imposition of socialism and finds it wanting.

Author Joe Gimenez says “President Barack Obama says we should understand Christianity to be about our being our brothers and sisters keepers, that we must give back because of all that we've been given, like it says in the Bible. And he goes a step further, saying that idea was present at America's founding and is the principle that built the country. Just what does that mean? That Americans should accept socialism as our economic system? I don’t think so.”

First time ebook author Joe Gimenez, a publicist by trade and student of literature, examines the religious elements of Obama's presidential speeches and compares them to the lessons Jesus taught in his parables. What he finds should scare everyone who is concerned about a singular person imposing his religious views on freedom loving Americans through a centralized redistributionist government. Would Jesus support Obama's conclusions that government should be the Christian arm for charity, equalizing resources in the name of brotherly love, of spreading the wealth around?

In sum, no, says Gimenez.

“The Parables of the Tenants and the Talents are but two examples of how Jesus is perfectly comfortable with the economic constructs of free enterprise. If he had not been, he would have said otherwise, or constructed his parables differently,” Gimenez says.

And as the author demonstrates through examples of people in real modern life, free enterprise activity is capable of building character and developing virtue, in addition to providing for our personal needs. Jesus, speaking through his Parables, and interpreted without a socialist perspective, is clear on his support for free enterprise.

While this book is coming out shortly before the 2012 elections, the book will have long staying power. Barack Obama and other political and religious leaders will continue to mislead people about a certain participatory feel-goodism that comes with thinking that their government is striving to be their brothers and sisters keepers. But as the author points out, the only person who asked whether he was his brother's keep was the Bible's first murderer, Cain. Surely this should cause concern about what being a "keeper" truly means, when contrasted with the free will that God wants everyone to use, for themselves and others, without the intervening force of government.

Along the way, this book takes you on a journey of understanding, about the differences between free enterprise and capitalism, free markets and government engineered activity. It asks readers to view a 2008 movie, Sunshine Cleaning, that uses a free enterprise economy as backdrop to create a memorable and enchanting movie experience that's far different than most Hollywood films today.

The book, Not My Brothers' Keeper ( http://www.amazon.com/Not-My-Brothers-Keeper-ebook/dp/B008KLMWZC/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1342633160&sr=8-4&keywords=not+my+brothers%27+keeper ), will change your mind about how Jesus would have us order economic activity. The book will be supported for reader discussion at the new blog, Free Enterprise is Boss.

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