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New economic environment driven by the iPad and Social Media

Press Release   •   Nov 24, 2010 12:43 IST

iPad & Social Media : A Paradigm Shift for Business

The iPad from Apple is significantly altering the technology landscape and business practices of companies and users around the globe. While there are emerging reports on the iPad and some of its impact on business, this report is the first to evaluate the changes that the iPad in conjunction with Social Media are having on the business environment. ( )

The report includes the following:

* Evaluation of the current technology shift being driven by the iPad, including a current market analysis
* Analysis of case studies of companies currently using this new business environment to grow and profit
* Definition of core assumptions businesses must understand and address in their new business models and strategy
* Analysis of social media and the environment of engagement that it is creating including:
Demographic and business research to understand target markets
Impact and return on investment (ROI)

Key Benefits:

* Early adopter understanding of shift in technology landscape (despite the plethora of media coverage, very few companies truly understand, much less are able to implement, business strategies based on the new economic ecosystem that is developing)
* Early implementation opportunities in key vertical markets for software development serving a multitude of niche companies
* Strategic implementation ideas enabling companies to enhance sales, shorten selling cycles, and uniquely engage prospects in a multimedia/sensory evaluation of core products
* Wide-ranging market opportunities for thought leadership in business strategy development
* Direction for strategic thinking to engage new economy opportunities

Questions Answered in Report:

* What are early implementation opportunities?
* What are the current best practices in Social Media?
* How will the iPad drive a shift in technology, and who will benefit from this shift?
* What is the general trend of Social Media, and how will the iPad help/hinder engaging those trends
* How will the iPad drive multimedia consumption and what - if any -will be the ideal business models?
* How will the iPad rapidly facilitate an enhanced social engagement in the sales process, thus driving sales and shortening the sales cycle?

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