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New technology for Start up Business

Press release   •   Sep 05, 2015 11:45 IST

India is becoming home-ground of stat up companies. This Young dynamic CEO usually look for innovative ways to minimise their investments while adopting the latest technology systems to accelerate their growth. Ultimately, they are bombarded with multiple types of ERP software to manage various functions of their business - CRM to manage sales activities, financial apps for accounting, and Store for warehouse management,Operational Parts, so on. Finally this end like fruit basket of multiple flavors. one business clipped each other with multiple process. This is what most Indian organisational leaders have inherited as their legacy systems.

According to research while SME businesses in India are witnessing steady growth, they are also facing many challenges that need to be overcome in order to sustain growth. The one of major business barrier include lack of technology know-how, unclear return on investments, high cost for technical support and high investments made in legacy systems.

Traditional systems means organization put lot of efforts to streamline there business process, all in an effort to make systems talk to each other and for what...just to get some kind of relevant data at very high cost by engaging valuable resources. This traditional Business system results in IT Infrastructure costs, inefficiency in business practices due to double entry and most importantly soiled business practices or rather departmental practices. Managing such complexities can be the most challenging issue for any start-up that is already struggling with innumerable other challenges related to funding, manpower and other resource constraints.