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NexBoom Universe Showcasing My Day 1

Press release   •   Dec 31, 2012 18:55 IST

Hong Kong, December 31, 2012 -- Lou Zant President of Nexboom Universe http://www.nexboom.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexboom Universe Group http://www.nexboomuniverse.vg, announced today that the current arrangement with My Day 1, http://www.myday1.com/ is currently progressing very well. The NexBoom campaign showcases the remarkable opportunities offered by My Day 1 to help people not only save money with the innovative products that are presented by My Day 1, but also to give to the charity of choice selected by each associate. The campaigns will assist a wide variety of charities to meet their fund-raising goals when they are designated by a My Day 1 associate.

"Taking care of others, taking care of business", the business model for My Day 1 is that the associate donates up to ten (10%) percent of their earnings which are matched with an equal amount. This results in a win for the particular charity that the associate has chosen, and an easy way to give to those in need. When Founder Mark Seyforth Envisioned the Concept of My Day 1, the Basis was simple: Allow People to Give Back! "When your passion meets the need to help others, you end up doing things that count more than yourself" - Mark Seyforth, Founder, My Day 1

NexBoom uses its wide-ranging social media savvy to bring an extensive awareness of the tremendous opportunities that are available from the My Day 1 programs to a larger audience. The contributions of My Day 1, together with the social media savvy of NexBoom, continue to be a winning combination. It is hoped that this will inspire those people who are associated with the program to contribute to the continuing efforts to bring this program, along with the superior products offered by My Day 1, to a larger audience.

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