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No-Win-No-Fee-Solicitors Brings to the Claimants a Drove of Free Replacement Vehicles for RTA Victims

Press Release   •   Oct 09, 2012 14:20 IST

Reports of accidents disrupting the street traffic of the UK are now regular entries in the breaking newscasts. While the lucky few manages to escape serious injuries in RTAs, the damages inflicted on the cars are just inexcusable. The process of compensation claim takes a considerable length of time during which the plaintiffs are inexplicably impeded by the absence of a vehicle. No-Win-No-Fee-Solicitors  thus offers to arrange for a substitute ride for their claimants while the company lawyers are on their respective cases. An incredible offer that only a handful of other no win no fee law firms can manage to present, the company has launched the offer in keeping with its aim to offer expedience to the victims.

The law firm just does not perfunctorily arrange for a basic model of car with the core intention of substituting the clients’ broken-down vehicle. Instead, the company understands the necessities of a driver and thus arranges for a suitable car that either matches in brand or model of the damaged vehicle of the claimant. The company-empanelled no win no fee solicitors personally see to it to ensure that the cars lent to the victims have similar or close-to-similar specifications for driving convenience. The courtesy cars offered are usually older than a year which assures a prim and proper condition.

The company, in honor of the victims, maintain a fleet of expensive cars, which are accessible to all required victims. No-Win-No-Fee-Solicitors send the courtesy car within 4 hours of reporting, which rules out all possibilities of interruption in the daily routine of the litigants. The cars provided can be used until the damaged vehicle is back on the road for picking children from schools, going to work and back home, driving to the market and for long-distance travels. The prestige vehicles owned by the company include all the luxury models like Ford Fiesta, Renault Espace, BMW, Vauxhall Corsa, Chevy Beat, Merc C-Class and lots more. What’s best about the offer is that the company does not charge any rental cost for the vehicles. The no win no fee firm that works on the Pro-Bono  principle thus promises the best, customer-oriented services in exchange of their hard-earned investment.

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