Nokia carry cases – beautiful and durable

Press Release   •   Jul 27, 2012 12:00 IST

Today there are a wide range of accessories provided for the mobile phones like the Bluetooth, memory cards, car kit charger, data transfer cables, and also the carry cases. Carry cases are here to protect your precious gadget. Imagine what would happen if you would accidently drop off your phone and want to make an important call, you would find yourself in troubled waters. This is what people face usually while they are travelling in a bus, train, or even walking in crowded places. It is not always possible to wait and talk to people, we are always on the move and therefore, one has to take care of their gadgets as all the important stuff is saved in this little device.

These days you get the most advanced mobile that work with a touch. The screen is larger and has a glossy black cover on it. The company makes it look expensive and uses nice and smooth finish so that the mobile shines all the time to look as good as new. The edges are also rimmed with steel or color that enhances the look of the mobile, which is why there is a great need of protective cases for all mobile of whichever brand they are.

One fall and the mobile stops working or gets chipped at the edge or you see a crack on the screen, which calls for repairs. This is a daunting task as the mobile might not get the original look because of the scratches on the body and the dent on the body which may damage the speaker, or the camera or anything. Nokia carry cases are a good option if you are thinking about the right kind of cases for your phone. There are cases for all their models and for other branded phones as well.

Nokia is a well known brand and knows how to make genuine products. The phone cases they manufacture are always made of durable products and come in different styles to suit individual taste. You can choose from the Nokia CC_5003 angry birds hard case for their C7 model that will cost around Rs. 749, or the Nokia CC-1007 silicon case that comes for Rs. 210, the capdase alumor metal case is for Rs. 795, CC-1005 silicon case for Rs. 210, soft case for Asha 200/201 for Rs. 350, leather flip top case for Rs. 945, purple capdase alumor metal case for Rs. 795, CC-1009 silicon case for Rs. 210 and many more.

Nokia has carry cases that are made with different materials and are priced accordingly. There are various types as well, so it is convenient to choose the one that fits your mobile and can be easily removed and placed inside when not in use.

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