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Offshore Oil and Gas Industry of Russia and CIS

Press Release   •   Dec 26, 2013 13:36 IST

Dec 26, 2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on 'Offshore Oil and Gas Industry of Russia and CIS 2013' RPI has systematically analyzed the status of offshore projects. Indeed, this is the fourth time this report has been updated with the latest editions focusing on the requirements of production companies for technological equipment and services provided by contractors. Each successive edition builds on the cumulative knowledge base and data gleaned in the process of ongoing oil and gas market research.

The latest report on offshore hydrocarbon production projects was issued at the beginning of 2012. Thus, although only a little more than a year has passed since the last report, we decided it was time to update the topic of offshore O&G production. The reason for this was a major shift in the financial and technological implementation of many projects, as well as licensing and legislative regulation of projects, first and foremost, in Russia.

Since the last update, many projects have been closed or rolled back, other projects have been unexpectedly resumed, many field licenses have been issued to subsoil users, while sweeping legislative and taxation amendments have also been made. Specifically, such high-profile projects as Kashagan are finally due to start up in the Caspian Sea and the Prirazlomnoye field in the Russian Arctic in 2013, while several large international companies commenced operations on the Russian shelf in 2012-2013, thus rapidly propelling the development of license blocks.

The report again devotes special attention to such key project issues as timelines for implementation, drilling volumes and platform requirements, since this approach makes it possible to assess the value of the market and other types of oil and gas equipment.

The key sections of the report include:

· update on the state of projects, implementation or wind-up plans;

· news about players’ intention to enter or pull out of projects;

· 2013-2020 production forecasts for the various projects (and marine sectors) with a breakdown into possible scenarios;

· 2013-2020 forecasts of development and production drilling with a breakdown into marine sectors, projects, players and possible timeframes for execution of drilling works;

· 2013-2020 forecasts about the requirements for drilling rigs and production platforms with a breakdown into marine sectors and projects.

The report provides an assessment of the current state of offshore projects and offers a forecast of drilling volumes in terms of projects and years, requirements for offshore drilling platforms and production platforms, tracing their logical connection with the logistics of future hydrocarbon supplies.

It makes sense to study the market in this way since this method reveals the attractiveness of one or another development or production project as a function of the requirement for technological equipment and O&G services.

This analysis could be interesting for the suppliers of various types of drilling equipment, pipes and pipeline fittings, companies which supply equipment and services in terms of timelines and potential supply volumes. Our analysis of offshore projects could also be used by current and potential investors to assess the risks of investing in these projects and also to monitor opportunities to enter promising market niches.

Project information is not limited to an overview, as it also emphasizes forecasts related to drilling volumes and needs for drilling rigs and production platforms, analyzing these needs in tandem with drilling conditions. This will enable companies operating in the equipment supply sector to identify future requirements for a narrow range of customized equipment.

Our scenario forecasting approach is the most flexible tool in monitoring future developments. This allows us to make a highly probable assessment regarding the implementation of any given upstream project and ultimately to mitigate risks for market players.

This study also allows companies operating on the oil and gas market to determine in advance the requirements for one or another type of equipment and services, devise an optimal range of equipment and services, while gaining a clear vision of the risks and rewards associated with any given project.

The report consists of three volumes, each volume could be ordered separately.
1,600 Euro - The Caspian Sea, Black and Azov Seas
1,200 Euro - The Baltic Sea and Russian Arctic Seas
1,400 Euro - Seas of the Russian Far East

Table of contents :

Volume 1 The Caspian and Black Seas and the Sea of Azov
1 Introduction
2 Key Findings of the Study
2.1. Forecasting Methodology
2.2. Findings on the Scope of Exploration and Production Drilling
2.2.1. Caspian Sea
2.2.2. Black Sea
2.2.3. Sea of Azov
2.3. Conclusions on Production Rates
2.3.1. Caspian Sea
2.3.2. Black Sea
2.3.3. Sea of Azov
2.4. Conclusions on Platform Market Size
2.4.1. Caspian Sea
2.4.2. Black Sea and Sea of Azov
3 Regional Overview
3.1. Geographic, Natural and Weather Conditions in the Offshore Areas of the Caspian and Black Seas and the Sea of Azov
3.1.1. Caspian Sea
3.1.2. Black Sea
3.1.3. Sea of Azov
3.2. Problem of Maritime Boundary Delimitation
3.2.1. Caspian Sea
3.2.2. Black Sea
3.2.3. Sea of Azov
3.3. Legislative Control of Offshore Oil and Gas Production in Certain Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States
3.3.1 Azerbaijan
3.3.2 Georgia
3.3.3 Kazakhstan
3.3.4 Russian Federation
3.3.5 Turkmenistan
3.3.6 Ukraine
4 Offshore Hydrocarbon Reserves and Resources in the Caspian and Black Seas and the Sea of Azov
4.1. Caspian Sea
4.1.1 Azerbaijan’s Sector
4.1.2 Kazakhstan’s Sector
4.1.3 Russian Sector
4.1.4 Turkmenistan’s Sector
4.2. Black Sea
4.2.1 Georgia’s and Abkhazia’s Sectors
4.2.2 Russian Sector
4.2.3 Ukrainian Sector
4.3. Sea of Azov
4.3.1 RussianSector

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