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Oil and Gas Non-Trunk Pipelines in Russia

Press Release   •   Dec 27, 2013 10:49 IST

Dec 27, 2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on 'Oil and Gas Non-Trunk Pipelines in Russia'  Development of new oil fields is the main method of maintaining and growing oil production in Russia. Implementation of future projects will require laying new pipelines and building oil processing facilities (OPF), pumping stations (PS) and other oilfield facilities. This will drive demand for relevant equipment on the part of oil and gas producers or their engineering and oilfield service contractors.

It will be critical for equipment manufacturers during this period to foresee potential customers’ needs and predict and quantify demand for certain types of equipment.

This study includes an overview of the major Russian fields planned for development between 2012 and 2020, analysis of large and medium-size production projects in terms of construction scopes for pipelines, OPF and BS and their potential specifications, and estimate of overall Russian demand for tubulars for non-trunk oil pipelines and pumps covering the study horizon.

The main sections of the report address the following issues:
• Overview of the oil sector’s key production and drilling projects
• Profiles of major production projects
• Estimate of tubular demand for supply pipeline and flowline construction for 2012 through 2020
• Estimate of Russian market demand for tubulars for non-trunk pipelines and BS pumps

Compared with similar products, this report is a broader and more comprehensive market study that can help customers to significantly reduce their potential costs of gathering and analyzing commercially available information about Russian companies’ future demand for oilfield equipment and tubing products.

The market growth forecast we present includes an analysis of oilfield equipment and pipe demand broken down by individual projects and buyers to enable oilfield equipment manufacturers to more accurately identify required equipment and pipe specifications.

Apart from manufacturers, the report may be of interest to service companies by helping them to take a more objective look at their own performance, and to better navigate the oilfield equipment and tubing product market.

Oilfield service providers and equipment and pipe manufacturers could use the information offered by the report to more accurately design and fine-tune their strategic plans, objectively assess their capabilities and develop operating performance improvement targets.

Finance companies could find this report useful for honing their insights on future investment opportunities in the non-trunkline construction sector and minimizing project risks.

Table of contents:

1 Introduction
2 Key Conclusions
3 Major Production Projects
3.1. Bashneft
3.2. Gazprom
3.3. Gazprom Neft
3.5. Novatek
3.6. Rosneft
3.7. RussNeft
3.8. Slavneft
3.9. Surgutneftegaz
3.10. Tatneft
3.11. TNK-BP
4 Geography, natural environment and climate around future non-trunk pipeline construction sites
4.1. Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District
4.2. Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, including the Yamal Peninsula
4.3. Volga-Urals Region
4.4. Timan-Pechora Petroleum Province
4.5. Eastern Siberia
5 Supply pipeline construction projects
5.1. New major oil field project development profiles (peak production of one million tons per year or more) in KMAD in 2012-2020
5.1.1. Gavrikovskoye oil-and-gas field
5.1.2. V.I. Shpilman field (oil and gas)
5.1.3. Imilorskoye oil-and-gas field
5.1.4. Erginskoye oil field
5.2. Profiles of new medium-size oil field development projects (peak production from 0.5 -1 million tons per year) in KMAD and in the southern Tyumen region in 2012-2020
5.2.1. Kosukhinskoye oil-and-gas field
5.2.2. Protozanovskoye oil-and-gas field
5.2.3. Svobodnoye oil-and-gas field
5.3. Profiles of new major oil field development projects (peak production from one million tons per year or more) in YNAD in 2012-2020
5.3.1. Valyntoisky license block
5.3.2. Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye oil-gas-condensate field
5.3.3. Vostochno-Urengoisky license block
5.3.4. Zapadno-Messoyakhskoye oil-gas-condensate field
5.3.5. Pyakyakhinskoye oil-gas-condensate field
5.3.6. Russkoye gas-and-oil field
5.3.7. Tazovskoye oil field
5.4. Profiles of new medium-size oil field development projects (peak production from 0.5 -1 million tons per year) in YNAD in 2012-2020
5.4.1. Russko-Rechenskoye oil-gas-condensate field
5.4.2. Severo-Russkoye oil-gas-condensate field
5.4.3. Khadyryakhinskoye oil-gas-condensate field
5.4.4. Khalmerpayutinskoye oil-gas-condensate field
5.5. Non-trunk gas pipeline construction projects in YNAD
5.5.1. Khalmerpayutinskoye field – Pyakyakhinskoye field (interfield pipeline)
5.5.2. Pyakyakhinskoye field – Yuzhno-Messoyakhskoye field (interfield pipeline)
5.5.3. Yuzhno-Messoyakhskoye gas condensate field – Nakhodkinskoye field (interfield pipeline)
5.5.4. Termokarstovoye gas condensate field – UGSS (supply gas pipeline)
5.5.5. Yevo-Yakhinskoye gas condensate field – UGSS (supply gas pipeline)
5.5.6. Yaro-Yakhinskoye gas condensate field - UGSS (supply gas pipeline)
5.5.7. Kharampur group of fields (interfield pipeline)
5.5.8. Kynsko-Chaselskaya group of fields (interfield pipeline)
5.5.9. Severo-Parusovoye gas condensate field - UGSS
5.6. Profiles of new major oil field development projects (peak production from one million tons per year or more) on the Yamal Peninsula in 2012-2020
5.6.1. Nazymskoye oil field
5.6.2. Novoportovskoye oil-gas-condensate field
5.6.3. Rostovtsevskoye oil-and-gas field
5.6.4. Sredne-Yamalskoye oil-gas-condensate field
5.6.5. Khambateiskoye gas condensate field
5.7. Profiles of new medium-size oil field development projects (peak production from 0.5 -1 million tons per year) on the Yamal Peninsula in 2012-2020

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