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Opal Group Selects Gordon "Grant" Curtis as Energy Panelist Expert

Press Release   •   Jun 11, 2013 15:13 IST

Ticino, Switzerland, June 10, 2013 -- Family Wealth Office Managing Director for CI Investments, SFO of Switzerland, Mr. Gordon “Grant” Curtis, has been invited to address Opal Group’s Energy Forum Conference attendees June 10-11. The focus of the conference highlights renewable versus fossil energy sources and what are the possible investment strategies available poised for big returns.

Mr. Curtis has lead CI Investments, Family Office of Switzerland since 2004. The Office continues to outpace most all other peers relative to rates of returns and creative strategies for achieving same. According to Mr. Curtis, “we look for specific and unique opportunities that can provide lowered risk while yielding the types of returns that we seek. You won’t find us allocating capital to a bond fund or traditional stock fund as these do not meet our intended goals. The energy sector now provides a bridge between technological advancements and high energy prices that when properly mixed can be very exciting.”

Impact Investing using socially responsible metrics have been a hallmark for CI and the Family desires. The goal is to deploy capital in a way that it can respect the immediate and long terms needs as well as to take advantage of a market in the energy sector that is presently highly stable in terms of demand and supply and costs.

Fortunately, the response by industry, lead by car manufacturers has really started to show some traction relative to more environmentally responsible principles. New discoveries poised for leaps in technological advances such as graphene, will certainly have significant effects over time, but for the next 5-10 years, the path of least resistance will still be oil based.

At the heart of fossil fuel technology evaluation, you will find Mr. Gordon “Grant” Curtis sifting through the almost endless possibilities of mixing one with another to reap a reward not yet discovered. “I like to innovate and work with innovators. None of us have ego issues; we just want to strive for better and more efficient strategies to do the right thing and make more returns for those that trust in us to do so.”

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