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Origin Designated Wine in Italy - Main players

Press Release   •   Oct 10, 2012 14:53 IST

This report supplies information on the competitors typologies of the Origin Designated Wine Italian market: types of operators, by segment, by nationality or ownership structure, ranking of companies in terms of turnover, net income, competitive positions, breakdown by business segment, regional breakdown, are studied in depth in this report.
Wine is defined, under Italian law 162/1965, as the product of the complete or partial alcoholic fermentation of grape juice or grape must. The alcoholic content of wine cannot be less than three-fifths of the total potential alcoholic content of the juice or must and, in any case, cannot be less than 6% by volume.
 Sparkling wine is defined, under European Council Regulation 479/2008, as the product of the alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes, grape must or wine which, when the container is opened, releases carbon dioxide derived exclusively from fermentation. It must also have an excess pressure, due to the carbon dioxide, of at least 3.5 bar at 20°C (or at least 3 bar for bottles containing less than 250 ml. The total alcoholic strength of the cuvées used in preparing it must be no less than 9% by volume. Business Report
 Champagne is defined, under EEC Directive 2045/98, as a white wine obtained from the black grape varieties pinot noir and/or pinot meunier and/or the white grape variety chardonnay, produced by double fermentation according to the champenoise method.
 • Product technology: Technological content is rather basic in the production, harvesting and fermenting of grapes. However, more refined technology is employed in the production of quality wines, which are regulated by appellation authorities. This is because there are strict rules concerning geographical production areas, production conditions, maximum grape yields, as well as physical, chemical and sensory properties of the finished product.
 • Function: Wine is a drink to accompany meals or to be enjoyed during any social occasion. Sparkling wines tend to serve a more social function, as they are usually consumed during celebrations and special events or, to a lesser extent, as an aperitif to accompany “happy hour” meals in Italian bars.
 • Client categories: wholesalers, wine shops and other small retailers, supermarkets, bars and restaurants, Internet-based intermediaries. End customers are wine consumers – in other words, the vast majority of the Italian population.

 The sector can be segmented according to:
Type of product:
 • DOC and DOCG wines. These are wines that have received quality assurance labels for meeting specific production standards. “DOC” stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Protected Designation of Origin), while the more prestigious “DOCG” stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (Protected and Guaranteed Designation of Origin).
 • IGT wines. This designation, Identificazione Geografica Tipica (literally, “Characteristic Geographical Identification”) is reserved for wines produced in a specific geographical area that, for any of a number of reasons, do not meet the requirements to be considered DOC or DOCG wines. Some semi-sparkling wines are included in this category.
 • Sparkling wines, including classic and Charmat method
 • Champagne
 By retail channel:
• restaurants and bars
 • wine shops and supermarkets
 Geographical area:
• North-West
 • North-East
 • Centre
 • South
 This report will also examine the shares of exports to the following specific countries:
• United States
 • Germany
 Individual companies that are winemakers only (i.e., that do not bottle the wine they produce) will not be analysed in this report, although composite sector data refers to both the winemaking and the bottling business.
Databank’s methodology for Competitors reports begins with a careful screening to identify the main organisations that are representative of a given sector. Several one-to-one interviews are then conducted with the selected organisations. Questionnaires are sent to all the leading companies on an annual basis. The information collected is then verified by an expert in the particular sector using a system of counterchecks to guarantee that the information is entirely reliable and consistent. The process is then completed using Cerved Group’s proprietary information about Italian enterprises. All Competitors reports also include details concerning the strategies and performances of the leading companies in each sector.
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Origin Designated Wine in Italy - Main players
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