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Outsourced Publishing Services: Financial performance review

Press Release   •   Oct 11, 2012 12:41 IST

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 About the Financial Performance Report Series
 These reports have been designed to analyze the financial performance of companies in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry. The information in this series will be of interest to KPO service providers, consultancies, investment firms, and buyers of KPO services. It is aimed at providing decision makers, analysts and influencers with relevant and actionable insights. The report will enable service providers to benchmark their performance against their peers. It will help investors and consultants evaluate the financial health of their service providers. Buyers of KPO services can use this information to make informed decisions.
 Scope of the Report

 The Financial Performance Report analyzes key financial ratios of companies that constitute the Outsourced Publishing Services (OPS) segment. The companies covered in this report are pure-play KPOs with operations in India. Pure play KPOs provide services for a specific segment, process or industry; in this case, the outsourced publishing services segment. Only private limited companies that are incorporated in India and that file annual returns with the Government of India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) are considered in the report. The information presented in this report is based on financial statements of companies between the fiscal period from 2007 and 2011. Business Report
 In addition, publicly available information and past research by ValueNotes on information pertaining to the companies’ service offerings and employee strength is used in this report. For more information regarding ValueNotes’ publications on the outsourced publishing services industry, refer to the section titled For Further Reading.
 Special Notes

 As per the reporting guidelines of the MCA, private limited companies are required to file their balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, annual returns and compliance certificates. However, all the line items in the financial statements are not mandatory.
 Financial information in the report is reported in Indian Rupees (INR).
 The financial period reported by the company has been considered as is and has not been adjusted. Companies in the sample have differing report periods such as April to March, and January to December.
 The financial statements of the companies have been computed as reported and adjustments or normalizations have not been made by ValueNotes.
 The analysis in this report uses a data set of those companies that have disclosed all the pertinent financial information for that particular year required to calculate the appropriate financial ratio.
 Analysis and conclusions regarding industry trends have been made on the basis of available data from the population of companies in ValueNotes’ sample (refer to Appendix).
 The data in this report does not represent the entire outsourced publishing services industry, as it excludes multi-service providers and captives. However, we believe that trends within the pure-play outsourced publishing services business will be similar to those of the industry as a whole.
 Research methodology
 Executive Summary
 1 Macroeconomics
 1.1 Global economy
 1.2 Major economic regions
 1.3 National economic performance of select countries
 1.4 Currency movements
 1.5 Global capital markets
 2 Industry Insights
 2.1 Indian IT-BPO industry revenue
 2.2 IT-BPO contribution towards India’s GDP
 2.3 IT-BPO contribution towards India’s exports
 3 Operating earnings
 3.1 Total income
 3.2 Revenue per Employee
 4 Expenses
 4.1 Operating cost
 4.2 Employee cost
 4.3 Total cost per employee
 5 Profitability
 5.1 EBITDA Margin
 5.2 EBIT Margin
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Outsourced Publishing Services: Financial performance review
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