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Personal Injury Solicitors Lamb&Co Brings in Industrial Disease Category in Its Service Line

Press Release   •   Oct 05, 2012 11:40 IST

The commotion created by the exposition of poor safety standards practiced at work places, and the consequent workplace accidents have caused quite a bedlam in the society. The clamor for compensation has further shadowed the less known accidental issues like industrial diseases, which are also very much a result of unacceptable safety precautions. Though distinguished from the accident health issues, industrial illness can be equally detrimental to the health and is deserved compensation for. Realizing this, Personal Injury Solicitors Lamb&Co, a reputable law firm working with experienced panels of solicitors, has brought in legal services for industrial ailments to help affected victims.

Since these diseases take years to develop, they often go unnoticed until things start to get worse. The solicitor firm has brought in premium legal services to aid the people in finding the right resolution to the issues. Presently, the company lawyers deal with cases like RSI, asbestos ailment, chronic pulmonary disorder, Tenosynovitis, hearing loss, back injury, limb disorders and other similar conditions. The personal injury solicitors working with the company have over 15 years of relevant experience in representing such cases.

For industrial disease claims, the lawyers working with the company assist the claimants to get a 100% compensation, even though results vary from case to case. The personal injury solicitor whom a litigant is assigned with, is likely to be an expert and sufficiently qualified. They are fully informed about the governmental rules, HSE guidelines and other regulations set by the governmental bodies regarding workplace negligence and safety, and their every update and reforms. Thus finding the faults of the offender is not a very difficult or critical job for them.

The solicitors offer both formal and out-of the-court settlement services for all the cases, depending upon the implications and possibilities. The lawyers inform the claimants about the kind of environment their employers are supposed to provide them. Then, gathering the key points on the lacking and shortcomings, they formulate the case so that all the weaknesses are well formed to put up in the court. Personal injury Solicitors Lamb&Co has already made a good winning record in industrial disease cases that have been handled since its release. With a high repute of providing heavy compensations to the claimants, the company has become one of the trust and most dependable legal firms to operate within the Cheshire area.

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