Pivotal Gene Therapy Advancements Delivering Effective Treatment Therapies

Press Release   •   Nov 06, 2013 17:49 IST

Gene therapy applications pertaining towards treatment for specific diseases have been significantly increasing in the past few years. Across the globe scientists have been progressively working to develop advanced disease therapies in order to determine root cause of disease. Even array of developments deploy combination of gene therapy with stem cell technology to provide commercialized disease therapy.  Besides, newer and advanced gene therapy methods has proved as advancement in the medical research and strengthened the research based approach for innovative products.

Majority of research work has been done for increasing the extent of therapeutic applications of gene therapy by developing therapies for new indications. However a lot of market giants have made significant investments into research and development of gene therapies. Moreover, a lot of clinical trials have been conducted for developing therapies for eye related disorder, immunodeficiency syndromes exploring potential of Gene Therapy Market.

The report “Global Gene Therapy Market Analysis”, is spread in over 105 pages and provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the global gene therapy market. A brief overview of the key geographies in the gene therapy segment and the regulatory scenario governing the industry has also been included in the study to present a balanced outlook. The report covers how major trends and drivers, including gene silencing, advanced therapies etc will propel the industry’s growth. With a view to understand the competitive landscape, the profiles of key market players are included in the report to present a complete picture of the global gene therapy market.

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