Plasma Cutters And Its Various Industrial Uses

Press Release   •   Jun 01, 2013 12:46 IST

A plasma cutter is a device which is used to cut electrically conductive metals such as steel. It can cut metals of different thicknesses with the use of a compressed gas and a high voltage electrical arc. Usually inert gases are used which is blown at a very high speed that forms a thin electric arc. It creates a thin stream of plasma which cuts through different types of metals in a clean and smooth process. When the electric arc passes through the inert gas, it becomes hot and ionized. These ionized particles help to melt the metal surface and cut through it effectively.

There are basically two different types of cutters which include the automatic and manual cutters. It is widely utilized for industrial purposes which include CNC machineries. These devices were introduced during the period of Second World War. Ever since then, it has been used to increase industrial productivity. Different industries use different types of cutters which are available in most of the online stores.

Uses in Industrial Fields:

Pipe Cutting: The accuracy and precision exhibited by these cutters are incomparable to any other cutting devices. Therefore it is highly useful for plumbers as a standard torch cuts pipes inaccurately. The ends of such pipes become flattened which makes it difficult to join two pipes together. By using these cutters, it is possible to achieve smooth ends that hardly require any grinding process.

Metal Fabrication: Most of these cutting devices are portable which can be used on-site to cut huge metal pieces easily and quickly. It simplifies the jobs of mechanical contractors as it can be used to trim the metal to fix two pieces together. With the help of these high power-cutting devices it is possible to complete on-site work quickly and efficiently.

Demolition Purposes: As these devices can cut away huge and thick sheets of metal quickly and easily, it is widely used for various demolition purposes. It simplifies the work of the demolition crew by cutting away pipes and metals. It is also easier to dispose metal sheets by slicing it into small pieces so that it can be removed from the site easily.

CNC Equipment: It can be easily attached to CNC machines for large scale metal production. These machines can be programmed to manufacture metals with specific cuts. It helps to reduce manufacturing costs as these machineries can be used to produce large quantity of metals.

Artistry: These devices are considered to be an effective tool in the field of metal artistry. Artists use these devices to create intricate patterns on metals with precision and accuracy. It is also possible to create metal templates with the use of these devices. It can then be used as stencils for other forms of art.

Most of the modern plasma cutters are ingrained with a number of latest technological features which makes it quite popular for industrial usages. These portable machines can simplify tougher jobs. It is possible to purchase these devices from online stores at various price rates.

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