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Plastics for Healthcare Packaging

Press Release   •   Jul 29, 2013 14:58 IST

July 29, ,2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on 'Plastics for Healthcare Packaging'  Analyses of market trends, with data from 2012, estimates for 2013, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2018.
Coverage of the most important economic, technological, regulatory, and environmental considerations in U.S. markets for the use of plastics to package healthcare products.
Examination of the industry structure.
Identification of the types of plastics used in healthcare packaging and the projected volumes for each.



The objective of this report is to discuss, analyze and forecast markets for usage of major plastics used in packaging healthcare products segmented by pharmaceutical and medical packaging.

Pharmaceutical products are defined as drugs in dosage forms purchased and consumed by individual patients, and are either prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner or are drugs that do not require a prescription and are purchased by individuals “over the counter” (OTC). These products are usually packaged in containers, blister packs, bags/pouches, etc.
Medical products are those used by medical practitioners in hospitals, clinics, home healthcare operations, etc. Examples are syringes, blood and intravenous solution bags, diagnostic kits, tubing, trays and other similar items.


The objective of this study is to provide a comprehensive reference for those interested and/or involved in the use of plastics for packaging healthcare products. This is a very large and varied group of firms in the pharmaceutical, medical and plastics industries.

Healthcare plastics find increased use each year in applications in healthcare packaging. In these changing times, with emphasis on healthcare cost control, plastics are increasing their penetration in packaging. This study covers these changes and provides analyses and forecasts for use of a wide array of plastics used in this market.


This report is intended for those involved in plastics, packaging and healthcare products. These companies include those involved in development, formulation, manufacture, sale and use of plastics in healthcare packaging.

Since a significant market for the use of plastics is the prime focus of this study, it will be of interest and value to those involved in polymer and polymer processes, from manufacture of bulk resins to converting and other plastics fabrication processes. It should also be of major interest to those who use plastics in packaging healthcare products, both healthcare end-user companies and contract packagers, along with plastics producers.

Companies and personnel in ancillary businesses such as processing equipment, additives, and other support chemicals and equipment will find information useful to their operations. These include process and product development staff, process and product designers, purchasing agents, construction and operating personnel, market staff and top management. This report can be of great value to technical and business personnel in the following areas, among others.
Marketing and management personnel in companies that produce, market, and sell all types of plastics, that is, virgin, specially compounded and recycled.
Companies that are called converters, who convert relatively raw plastics to medical and pharmaceutical packaging.
Companies that supply or want to supply equipment and services to plastics processors.
Financial institutions that provide funding for such facilities, including banks, merchant bankers, venture capitalists and others.
Personnel in end-user companies and industries that purchase and use packaging plastics ranging from converters, compounders and molders to contract packaging companies and healthcare company end-users. Healthcare packagers are a key group of companies who could be interested, as well.
Personnel in government at many levels. This includes federal officials, primarily at the EPA and FDA, who are involved with protection of national standards regarding public health and safety.


This study covers many of the most important economic, technological, regulatory and environmental considerations in markets for the use of plastics to package healthcare products. This report is a global study of activities within the healthcare packaging market.

All market volume figures are rounded to the nearest million pounds. Growth rates are all compounded signified as compounded average annual growth rates or CAGRs. Growth rates are rounded to two significant figures such that 5.25% is recorded as 5.3%.

Some relatively minor resin materials and applications are grouped together in a miscellaneous category but are specifically noted.

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