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Playing games with middle-aged women: The $4bn Social Gaming explosion report available through

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2011 17:38 IST announces the launch of "The Future of Social Gaming" More than 600 million people played games over social networks in 2010, ( )generating a social gaming market worth $1.5 billion according to latest research from independent analyst, Business Insights.

By 2015, Business Insights is predicting that this relatively new market will be worth $4 billion, as the number of players steadily rises and companies learn how to make more money from each player. In fact, by this date, more than 50% of all people in Japan, South Korea and the UK will play social games.

Richard Absalom, consumer technology analyst at Business Insights, comments: “Famously, social network gaming is majority-female – our research suggests that 56% of players worldwide are female. Our research also shows that middle-aged groups are most attracted to social gaming – people between 30 and 59 years old are over-represented, whilst under 18s are less likely to engage in social gaming than they are in other computer gaming activities.”

There are three main models for social games to generate revenue: advertising/sponsorship; the sale of virtual goods; and pay-to-play or subscription-based content. The current average revenue per user (ARPU) for social games players globally is $2.60 a year. This is expected to rise to $3.70 a year by 2015, with far larger rises across each individual country being offset by an adverse revenue mix as the proportion of players in developing countries increases.

Absalom adds: “This is great news for social networks as social gaming is proving to be an important way for them to monetize their user bases – and, more widely, is one of the few areas where a successful model has been created in persuading consumers to make small payments for online content”.
“It’s little surprise then that this market is extending beyond the traditional gaming segment not just in terms of users, but also in terms of companies involved. Big name media, entertainment and Internet companies that have not been particularly involved in video gaming until now are seeing the potential that social gaming offers. Acquisitions by Disney and Google to get into the space are good examples of this.”

The proportion of total social networking revenues generated by social gaming will increase, from 22% in 2010 to 29% in 2015.

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