James Michel

Poly Bag Stores Offers A Wide Variety Of Silica Gel Sachets At Competitive Prices

Press release   •   Aug 05, 2013 10:13 IST

Antrim July 20th 2013: For people facing a bit of difficulty in finding the perfect Silica Gel Poly Bag Stores has come up with variety to suit personal requirements. As they have online presence, interested customers can always log in and browse through the sheer variety in terms of size and quantity. In the inventory they have products of 1 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram and the list just goes on. The product on offer is perfectly suited to reduce any moisture damage to electrical goods. The presence of a non indicating white gel ensures a higher quality. However, it is essential to make sure that such sachets should be kept away from children due to the presence of Do Not Eat specifications mentioned on them. On most instances quotes are mentioned alongside the product. They allow online purchases. However, just in case there is confusion regarding the exact requirements, one can always contact their customer service team for advice. They accept multiple form of payment. Any plastic money or payments via the PayPal system is fine. The price is inclusive of shipping and VAT charges. However, European or other international customers will have to make a minimum purchase of $100 or else shipping will not be feasible. A perfect privacy policy is in place to ensure that credit card or other personal information does not fall into wrong hands. Once payment issues are settled they ship products quickly. They ship almost every day so customers can expect the consignment quickly. In fact on orders placed before 1 pm they try to do the shipping that same day. They generally ship via the Royal Mail Second Class. Just in case the consignment is defective they also have a perfect refund policy. One will have contact back immediately and send the consignment back upon 14 days of receipt. It must be sent back in original packing. On inspection, if all is fine, a 100% refund awaits the customer. About the Company: Poly Bag Stores ventured into the concept of silica gel sachets in the year 2007. In this short period they have been highly successful and the repeat orders bear testimony to the level of success. They deal in volumes so customers get to enjoy high quality products at competitive prices. Under the leadership of Keith Channing they have prospered a lot. The working hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 19pm. Hence, customers can always contact within this time.