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PolyBag Stores Offers Delicate, Stylish and Dimensional Lollypop Bags From

Press Release   •   Jul 17, 2013 13:55 IST

London, 12th July 2013: Poly Bag Stores, a premier retail store for all types of packaging bags and tapes has introduced a new range of Lollypop bags. These bags are made from clear and strong cellophane with a 30 micron thickness. The new range has also introduced classical, chic, stylish, and funky ranges of its popular 3”x3” cellophane built Lollypop bags. These bags can be bought from the online as well as offline shopping mode, with multitudes of quantities, color, and size and style range to choose from. These bags are developed with the highest quality of cellophane to produce upmost quality of packaging bags that are strong and durable. These bags provide complete food safety. The new ranges of Lollypop bags are ideal for a comprehensive packaging needs fulfillment for wrapping of lollipops, sweets, craft items, cake pops, and various other items. These bags provide a sustainability packaging option for all types of packing and supplying needs. The cellophane quality used for developing them is designed for maximum optimization of materials, and energy. The Lollipop bag are designed and developed for multipurpose use. They are consumed by individuals, at homes, business purposes and at retail stores. The most important concern of packaging is maintaining the food quality within the package supply for a longer duration. The highest quality of material used for developing these bags helps in maintaining the food quality throughout the supply or at storage. These bags are available in different design patterns. Also, the company allows customized or personalized branding needs for packaging bag supplies for all sorts of buyers. These bags are available keeping in mind the recent trends of the industry, and helps in attaining a sense of style along with fulfilling the needs of packaging and supply. Customers can avail of various discounts and offerings for bulk orders, while buying through the online retail store. About Company: Polybagstores.co.uk, based in Antrim, UK, provides the most comprehensive, delicate, sturdy, and affordable ranges of all types of packaging bags and postage supplies. It provides free shipping across the nation for purchase of all types of poly bags from its online store, irrespective of the quantity. The range of bag materials available includes cellophane bags, mailing bags, jiffy bags, diamante gems, packaging tape, filament tape, envelopes, postal tapes, along with other materials such as chemicals, cleaners, lollipop sticks, velvet jewelry pouches, and many more other variants.

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