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Premium Aluminum Windows and Doors

Press Release   •   Aug 31, 2017 10:16 IST

Whatever kind of home you are creating, We believes it deserves the best. That is why we make Premium Aluminum windows and doors. They are available in a wide range of styles, with plentiful options, and are supported by our industry-leading warranty. That is our assurance that you’ll find reliability that’s perfect for your project.

Strong and lightweight, extruded aluminum alloys are a perfect choice for window components in mild climate regions. Domal / Euro Section Premium Aluminum Windows in Pune are attractive, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free.


Nail Fin Frame

This frame is designed to ensure easy installation for new construction.

Block Frame

The block frame is ideal for replacement applications. Designed to be installed from a home’s interior, directly into the pocket-like space left after an old sash is removed. Installation can be done simply and neatly without disturbing exterior siding, stucco, interior trim, paint or wallpaper. The block frame is also ideal for new concrete or concrete block homes.

Flush Fin Frame

Our flush fin option allows our windows to be installed from the exterior into an existing aluminum window frame; the fin covers the old window frame. No need to cut back stucco or siding, refinish interior trim, or replace blinds or window coverings.

Sliding Folding Door: This type of door is perfect for nearly anydeck. It opens by sliding along horizontal tracks at the head and sill. Our sliding Foldingdoors are available in two-, three- and four-panel designs.


Tinted Glass

Our tinted glass is ideal for climates with intense sunlight. It reduces glare and visible light transmittance, while keeping homes more comfortable in warm weather. In addition to the samples shown, we offer Solar Green and Dark Grey.

Textured Glass

Let light in while maintaining privacy with our textured glass options. We offer a range of textures (shown below) to meet your aesthetic preferences.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass consists of panes of glass with an invisible interlayer, sandwiched together to create an extremely sturdy glass unit. This provides increased protection for home safety and from incidental impact; it also provides an improved barrier against sound and harmful UV rays. Premium UPVC Windows and Doors in Pune.

Tempered Glass

When glass is heat-treated during manufacturing, it is given extra strength, enabling it to withstand abnormal force or pressure on its surface—it will not break into sharp pieces. Local codes often require tempered glass to be used in all windows that are close to the floor or near doors, bathtubs or showers.


Awning: An awning window is appropriate for many architectural styles, and it looks intriguing when grouped with other window types. It is hinged at the top and opens out from the bottom in an upward swing.

Casement:A casement window perfectly complements the simplicity of modern design, while also providing maximum ventilation. This type of window is hinged on either side so the sash opens outward, to the right or left, in a swinging motion.

Fixed, Radius and Geometric: Fixed, radius and geometric windows let you showcase beautiful views and create intriguing window arrangements with other window types. A radius shape is circular or fea- tures an arched top. A geometrical shape has straight edges (e.g., rectangles or octagons)

Slider: Each of our slider windows features clean lines for a streamlined look. This type of window has one stationary sash and one sash that moves to the right or left in grooves or on tracks. It may also be referred to as a roller or sliding window.

Single-Hung:A single-hung window provides a classic appearance to any home. It features a stationary top sash and a bottom sash that slides vertically. We offer single-hung windows with take-out clips for easy sash removal and cleaning.