Prescription Weight Loss Medicines: Effective To Treat Obesity

Press Release   •   Dec 26, 2013 12:06 IST

Overweight is a chronic condition that can affect all age people. If you are suffering from obesity, then healthy eating habits and physical exercise may help you to control and reduce your excess weight. But if these typical options are not so effective and sufficient prescription obesity control medicines may be healthy option for you.
When opted with healthy diet and regular physical exercise, prescribe weight loss drugs may assist some people to reduce overweight and improve health. Although, these medicines are effective to reduce excess weight, doctor’s consultation is essential before using them because these drugs have some side-effects and probably not suitable for everyone.

Physicians prescribe the medicine to patient if and only if:

Person’s body mass index is more than thirty.
Person’s body mass index is more than twenty seven and because of this he/she is suffering from major health problems, like hypertension or heart problems.

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