Problems And Malfunctions of Centrifugal Pumps

Press Release   •   Jul 18, 2013 15:54 IST

The centrifugal pump is a pump which uses an impeller inside a tube which helps to increase the fluid pressure. These pumps are mainly used for various applications which require huge discharge of fluids and pressure. Due to constant usages, these pumps can develop various problems which can affect its operational functions.

Problems With Motor: Inconsistent operation of the pumps can cause various problems with the electric motor that operates the rotation of the impeller. There are different components which are used for the rotational movement between the parts of the motors. It is essential to replace these parts if it is broken. In case the impeller rotates in the wrong direction, it is necessary to reverse the polarity of the motors.

Erosion of Impeller: Impeller erosion can be identified with certain signals such as pump vibration and high pitched noise. Erosion in the impeller mainly occurs due to debris which enters the impeller. This causes corrosion as it chips away the ceramic parts of the impeller. To correct this problem, it is quite essential to replace the impeller itself.

High Viscosity: The lack of liquid delivery and low discharge pressure to the pump can lead to thick pump fluid or high viscosity. To solve this problem, it is important to heat the pump liquid so that it softens and eases the flow of liquid.

Shaft Expansion: The shaft may expand due to high temperature and heat. When the pump is functioning, the shaft can come into contact with the restriction bush and can cause wear and tear to all the components near it.

Cavitation: Another fault that can occur in centrifugal pump is cavitation. The liquid which flows through the pump increases the velocity of the flow and decreases the flow pressure. The liquid can form bubbles within the pump which degrades the performance of the pump. This process is known as cavitation and it can adversely affect the other parts of the pump and permanently damage the pump set.

Unbalanced Pumps: These pumps can become unbalanced due to various reasons. Some of the most common reasons are misalignment of the shaft and impeller, foreign materials, normal wear and tear, corrosion and so forth. An unbalanced pump will shake vigorously while functioning. This can cause the other parts of the pump to loosen which can further damage the entire component.

Misalignment of pulley: Misaligned pulley in pulley-driven pumps can cause serious problems to the pumps. The rotating parts of the pump can come into close contact with the stationary parts and cause problems. This can affect the performance of the pumps as it causes damage to the parts of the machine.

The centrifugal pumps functions when it transfers kinetic energy into the liquid which is pumped through the pipes. As these pumps function with a number of complex accessories, problems and malfunctions are inevitable.

It is quite essential to seek the assistance of experienced professionals for maintenance purposes as technical knowledge is highly necessary to repair these pumps.

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