Promising Future Outlook for Whole Genome Sequencing Market

Press Release   •   Jun 04, 2013 17:20 IST

RNCOS research report on “US Personalized Cancer Genome Sequencing Market” says that the personalized cancer whole genome sequencing market has a promising future and represents the potential to reach around US$ 9 Billion by 2017. Despite of the high costs for Whole Genome Sequencing, the market boasts of a huge potential of customer base favoring personalized treatment for cancer. The whole genome sequencing approach would take down the cost of treatment from millions to dollars to much less than diagnostic tests.

Research Analysis and Highlights

The report, “US Personalized Cancer Genome Sequencing Market”, by RNCOS which is spread around 60 pages provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the current status and expected Whole Genome Sequencing Market. Besides, it facilitates the current and potential of the Whole Genome Sequencing Market. The report also covers the strengths and weaknesses of market players. A detailed study of regulatory insights has been covered in the report. Further, the report also illustrates the market restraints that impact the potential of Whole Genome Sequencing market.

Some of the key findings of the report are:

- Growing Cancer Prevalence in US Driving Whole Genome Sequencing Market
- Market Constraints affecting US Personalized Whole Genome Sequencing Market

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